Why won’t the CSA just read its own notes?

August 1, 2014

Here’s a copy of the letter I have just sent to the agency. I have to do this every year!!!

Yet again I have to write to you to try and resolve a problem that keeps repeating itself due to the Child Support Agencies mistakes.

Several times over several years I have been contacted regarding arrears. The arrears that flag up on your system do not exist! I have had to contact you, ICE and my MP several times for the same reason. And each time, once I have pointed out what and where the mistake is, the “arrears” are dropped.

So once more I will explain…… My case was phased from old rules to new rules several years ago. Because my case was complex (two cases. One on each system) it was sent to the Sapphire team in Cumnock who specialised in clerical offline cases. Due to some kind of ‘glitch’ on your systems, it appeared that there were arrears on my case. Because of this, a note was put on my file and the notepad on my on screen case. The note pointed out that my case was offline, and the arrears that flag up from time to time were to be ignored.

What seems to happen is that the arrears flag up, and somebody processes it without reading the notes. I then have to go through weeks of explanations involving escalated complaints, ICE, and whoever else that can sort this mess out.

I have no arrears. I have paid what I have been asked and when I have been asked. I was maintenance direct with both cases, but unfortunately for no apparent reason, one of the parents with care decided to come back to the agency. I received a letter from the agency dated 14th September 2005 stating that all arrears are clear. Since then I have never missed a payment.

I would appreciate that this is sorted out once and for all. I do not want to wate my time sorting out the agency’s mistakes several times!


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