Why won’t the CSA check properly?

September 15, 2014

My ex works full time and his partner of ten years works in the oil industry. They have no children living with them.

They have holidays to the Far East every year. They have nice cars and a lovely house. The csa calculation shows his income to be a part time income of £800 per month and ask him to pay £80 per month.

He definitely works full time so he has given them false info. The csa won’t do another check now for two years. I asked him to pay for my sons school trip to France but he said no.


  • Gonk says:

    Go get a job…Or……get another. His life and whatever he has now, has dam all to do with you. His partners salary has even less to do with you. Who are you to say that what you get out of him for cm is not correct?

  • Bill says:

    If you are on the new CMS system they would have gone to HMRC for the NRP’s pay details.

  • Lisa says:

    Another bloody freeloader, just because your ex and his partner are well off doesn’t mean you deserve a share of it! If you got off your arse and did what they have done WORKED for it then maybe you wouldn’t need to be so damn greedy and expect others to foot the bill for you! As said above earn your own money

  • Kelly says:

    Excuse me how very dare you state that my friend is a “free loader she works full time and is self employed her son wants for nothing but it’s ridiculous that her son’s father will not pay what he is supposed to it takes two people to make a child should take two people to bring up the child too!!!!

  • Jen says:

    I don’t ask for the csa to take his partners money I to concideration however what I think they should concider is the fact that he lives with someone whom also pays towards his bills. Living as a couple means he only pays half his morgage, rates, bills etc yet the csa calculate his outgoings as a single man. They guess what his surplus income would be on a part time wage (yet he is full time) after he has paid all his bills as a single person yet his bills will actually be half of what he says they are as he lives with a joint wage. I don’t want any money from his partner that’s not what I am saying but his living costs are calculated as a single person which he is not. He has other income in the form of someone else paying half of his living costs. I live on a single persons wage. If we were still together he would have done everything he could to make sure my son can go on this trip but why does he pass the buck sinply because he doesn’t live here?

  • jo says:

    Jill since when has a pwc’s partner or joint income been included unless on old rules? Which nrp’s joint income was also included??

  • Gonk says:

    Jill….are you screwing an ex to top up your income on the back of your kids, are you one of these freeloaders? One of the thousands of single parent mothers who have hundreds of kids lol, to get a free house and hundreds of pounds each week at the tax payers expense. And any of you man haters out there? Shut your mouths and don’t dare condemn the bloke. Using bollocks excuse for the freeloaders dropping kid after kid and blaming the father for not keeping it in his pants….it works 2 FUCKING ways….how about the the skanks keep their legs closed….OR…maybe open your mouth if you are not on the pill and suggest…no….insist he puts something on the end of it. Unlikely tho, because another kid increases your benefit booty bank account.

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