Why won’t my ex look at it from our child’s viewpoint?

May 13, 2014

Hi there, my ex-partner moved out since January 12th from the house that I now rent (I am the sole tenant). I have my child four nights and he has her 3 nights per week.

We are due to go back to court on June 4th as we disagree on the time we want her. As she is starting school in September in my catchment area and for “structure and routine” reasons as well as disagreement on his way of looking after her, I would like to have her all week days and one every two weekends.

My ex-partner is self-employed and I do not know where he lives. He hasn’t paid the last three months of the nursery fees and refuses to do so as I have increased nursery time due to my work commitment.

He also has never given me money to support me financially regarding our child’s needs since he has moved out.

Many thanks.


  • David Joseph says:

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  • David Joseph says:

    Marie Owen that is the ideal and it is what the government is really trying to promote. In the majority of cases ex-partners are embittered toward each other and therefore refuse to cooperate with one another. The CSA will and do take advantage of this. They often inflate NRP’s liability and in many cases PWC do not get paid what they are owed if at all. It is better for the parties to agree between themselves. This is better for the children and the parties themselves. That is why we at Selwyns Law offer a mediation service – as well as dealing with all aspect of CSA problems – and this works well in the majority of cases.

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  • topper says:

    @ David Joesph
    Nice piece of advertising there, would be interesting to see some free advice though while you are on here??

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