Why won’t my ex help both his children?

August 21, 2014

Ok so i split with my childs dad 3 yrs ago and since then i havnt recieved one penny from him she is 4 yrs old he doesnt work and he was suposed to have her over night once a week so csa said i get nothing but in reality he only has her 50% of the time.

He has a younger child with his partner but he has sent her to work and laughed in my face bragging about the fact they are living with brand new flat screens sofas carpets ect while i struggle to buy school uniform while being a full time mom and part time worker.

Is there anything i can do cuz im sick and tired of my bab missing out as we scrape by while her dad thinks its funny sitting on his arse and buying everything for one child amd nothing for the other.

I would only use the csa to spend on my little one on little treats or days out i dont want the money for me but my little one has started asking questions about it all and i dont want to bad mouth her dad but in reality he is not providing at all.


  • Kim says:

    See i have been to court he is suposed to have her once a week over night but he often let her down but because it was agreed threw the courts he tells csa he has her once a week but he doesnt, but i it was on job seekers then i woul only get £5 anyway but he isnt woking his girlfriend is i was mainly wondering if csa would do anything knowing he had dilberatly sent his partner to work to try and avoi paying me csa? I am at the stage where if he doesnt want her every week then id rather him not see her but beacause of the court agreement i have to make her available which sucks even more cuz his only hurting and messing around his own flesh and blood who i am trying to do best for.

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