Why will the CSA not consider other living costs?

February 18, 2015

My rent is 60% of my salary, the csa say I must pay 20% (I have 2 children) leaving me 20% to live on.

Why is rent not taken into consideration prior to working out payments? They also say I have built up a debt following a miscalculation on their part. I can barely afford the payments as it is.

I have complained but they simply closed ranks. I have also contacted my new MP (I have recently moved) several times but have not had a response. The whole thing has led to me having suicidal thoughts and am receiving treatment for this. Please help.


  • Warren Brown says:

    Thank you for that Sarah. My rent is one of the lowest for the area. If the CSA persist with this level of payment, I will have to stop payiing court costs in order to get contact. Are you a troll from the CSA?

  • Gonk says:

    sarah fucking Louise white
    Shut your fucking pie hole

    The csa don’t give a flying fuck HOW you live if you are a Nrp. As far as they and this skank White is concerned, you don’t have any bills or out goings. You can be on the street because of them, they won’t batter an eyelid so long as they can still get money from you. The kids don’t matter either, as long as they can milk you dry,every thing else is your problem.
    And so what if your ex has a super rich partner…..guess what…it makes no difference, you can still rely on them taking their pound of flesh despite the bitch not needing it.

  • CSA Warrior says:

    Wow more fighting about the right to freedom of speech . How about we focus on the problem.

    hi to the writer.

    I will start with the suicidal thoughts. The CSA are survivable. incompetant but survivable. if you commit suicide then the CSA win and you die a loser. Your not a loser. YOUARE A DAD. and that takes being a real man.

    Unfortunately all of the above is correct. You may need to think about down sizing , the CSA dont give a shit and everything Gonk said is also true

    That said 20 % is the minimum that they take arrears are taken at a MAX 40% so you may be able to negotiate repayment.

    what I also suggest is that you make a complaint regarding the mis calculation. it is likely that your complaint will be upheld and the CSA offer compo usually £75 but it can be more. like car insurance you can appeal there decision and the complaint to the parliamenary ombudsman and they may increase the payment given any aggravating factors.

    Put bluntly be thankful that they are not coming at you for £20,000 and claiming 40% for years like they are doing to others.

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