Why was I not informed?

January 30, 2015

I get payed monthly from work last week i got my wage slip and £ 262.80 was deducted? on it said Direct Earnings at £ 262.80 no one at work could understand what this was.

On the monday i phoned the wages department? thay staited the CSA has sent a order of deduction to my wage each month.

I staited to the wages department how could this happen when i havent been notifyed by them or the wage department. I contacted the CSA about this?

Thay asked relivant details etc it was for my daughter who is now 19 and is 20 november this year. I told the CSA my daughter 5 years ago staited she dident want any more contact also she was changing her name to her mothers new maiden name as she remarride.

Over 4 years i had bean unemployed due to ill health and depression I was receiving benifit £ 62 a fornight £ 10 a fortnight was taken out for my daughter. during this time the Job centre plus helped me to do acource as a Driving instructor in cars which i qaulifide so 14 months ago I worked as a driving instructor for a few months but the driving school companys take a large amount of the income. So i went back driving LGVs.

My understanding was once the child reached the age of 18 the maintainance stops. The DSA have staited its untill the person reaches the age of 20.

I have also received a letter from the CSA saying that thay will be taiking £ 560 a month Part arears also maintainance.

We are devistaited in that the DSA took these funds with out any notice now thay are saying thay will take a large chunk of my income.

PS my wife does not work totaly shocked.


3 Responses to “Why was I not informed?”

  1. Laura Hudson on January 30th, 2015 8:55 am

    Please join a group called Child Support Agency – Rip Offs. They will offer advice and support to challenge this. CSA have to notify you 28 days in advance if they are applying a DO.

  2. Mark Perkins on January 30th, 2015 9:11 am

    I get paid monthly and on mine all it said was court but it’s the csa attachment of earnings they have to leave you with at least £950 a month to live on call them if you think it’s to much call and ask to speak to a manager hopefully you will get a result but iam afraid it’s a woman’s world ( not being sexiest)

  3. Becky KJ Mummywright on January 30th, 2015 9:19 am

    sounds about right tbh they are a joke they never send letter they claim they do my oh get pays monthly and they want £60 a week from before he start his new job as was also jsa before and claim its all legal ect

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