Why should my daughter and I live in poverty because of CSA?

May 1, 2012

I’ve just got my csa assessment for my 13 year old daughter through the post and im absolutely disgusted!!!!!. £6.31 a week out out of £393 a week. Im on basic rate csa so me and my daughter have to manage on £130 a week. My case has been opened since 2002 and my ex has always declared a zero income for our 2 daughters back then who were 2 and 12.

My eldest is no longer included in any assessment as she is in her twenties. I have always had an idea that over the years my ex was fiddling but it was confirmed when my eldest went to visit him after many years and found out that he had a mortgage, a decent car and was living very nicely thank you very much. I have since the incident contacted the csa to inform them of this and they said they would look into it. My ex being the dodgy individual he is, told them he had started work self employed 6 months earlier to cover his back. I had an original assessment of £20 a week which has been reduced to £6.31 because they’ve put it under the old rules apparently. Ive had it all out over the phone and asked why it hadnt been put under the new rules and he said its because the computers havent got around to changing all the old claims to the new system. Under the new system my daughter would get £20 a week but under the old one £6.31. I said that they should change it over and he said it wasnt possible as the computers havent caught up yet.

I said that it was a big difference from £20 to £6.31 and that my daughter needs that money and said that there was nothing they could do. In black and white on the letter they have said he has £230 in housing costs and £120 to live on which £6.31 comes out for maintenence. Im sorry but since when did the fathers needs come before his own daughter. My needs come second. If she needs new shoes, i get her them and i do without. If my daughter needs food i get her it and if i can eat, its a bonus. Where her fathers concerned, he needs all his money for himself and stuff his daughter. When the original assessment was done it came back as £20 a week and i was happy to leave it at that because at least my daughter could get some things she needs but he contacted them to say he wanted it putting under the old rules so he could pay less.

My daughter cant even get a pair of shoes with that in this day and age. All in all hes got away with paying nothing for 11 years and now hes paying £6.31 which is the minimum he can pay out of nearly £400 a week!!! Im putting in a departure form now to get it all investigated and if that doesnt work ill contact the criminal compliance unit. Ill take it all the way to get it sorted for the sake of my daughter.

Why should she be penalised and live in poverty because her father is a low life piece of scum and the csa are so incompetant with dealing with it. I would be grateful for any further help and advice from anyone.


  • Carol says:

    That is a question I often ask myself! Parents and children are suffering because this Agency do not know what they are doing.

    I have been on both sides of the Agency as a PWC for 11 years and never got a penny to living with nrp and the CSA are now taking 40% of his salary towards arrears. My family are very much living in poverty due to the maladministration of this Agency.

    The only thing I can say is being on both sides I was financially better off as a single parent as opposed to the situation we are now in.

    Have you lodged a formal complaint with the Agency over their maladministration? Also helps to get your MP involved. The CSA can get wages info from HMRC for your ex to confirm what his income was. Even if he was self employed they should have been able to get the information. It would appear your case is like so many others that the CSA could not be bothered chasing for the maintenance.

  • karen bedford says:

    I agree with Carol, please join the facebook groups child support agencies failings and other groups for free advice and support from other parents who have faced or facing problems similar to yours.

  • Kathryn says:

    I got in touch with CSA towards the end of 2002 when my son was one, when they got in touch with my ex he then quit his job so he didnt have to pay. For over 3 years the CSA didnt even assess my case so I received nothing, then when they finally got in touch with him he denied he was the father and he sent me a letter saying he wanted a dna test, but as he had signed the original form from the csa saying he was the father, the dna test never happened. He left it to the last minute to start paying.
    2 years ago I had a letter saying he’s not given information that they require so an interim maintenance assessment had been carried out and my payments were reduced from £140 a month (including the backpay of 3 years) to £67.90 a month. In February this year I rang and surprise surprise, my case hadn’t been assessed for nearly 2 years. 2 weeks ago I had a letter saying I was to get £40.21 a week but today I’ve had another one saying I’m getting nothing because hes been in touch (even thought the letter says he hasn’t given them any information) and he’s given them his housing costs, he’s self employed and can’t afford to pay me anything now and there is nothing they can do apart from I can ring them in 3 months to re assess my case, big woo. I thought the CSA was set up to help parents like us, how wrong can you be.

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