Why should I pay twice?

November 14, 2014

Hi there I am paying money to the csa for my son and daughter who I no longer live with but I never was asked for money for my son by his mum.

But when my daughter was born to my other x partner I was working and paying for my child but her mum was also claiming money from the government so when we split up my daughters mum told the government that I never gave her any money at all so when the csa contacted me and I told the that we stayed together for seven years they and I gave my daughters mum money to buy things for my child.

They said I had to pay them it all back in the amount of 11 thousand pounds I was very angry as I told the lady that I had to pay what I have already payed that’s not right they said I could get my x partner to right a letter or if I had receipts for the money I gave my ex I said to them if you are living with someone and giving them money to look after the house and your child you wouldent ask for receipts.

I asked my ex would she right them a letter to tell them the truth she said she would but she still hasent and this has been six years now so now because I can’t get my ex to write a letter and the csa have made my none payments as money I owe the csa they are taking £500 a month from my wages.

When I ask the csa to contact my ex as she has claimed money that wasent hers they said they did but my ex says they haven’t so I went back on the phone to say there letters weren’t being received I asked them what address they had for my ex they said they can’t tell me that information so I asked was it the same address I had and they said that wasent the address they had so my ex is even lieing about her address so they are sendind letters and she isint Gering them.

I also told them she is remarried they didn’t know that ethere I dont like telling tails on people but I ask for a reduced payment and was told because of your unpaid payments they can’t do that so I can’t get my ex to write a letter I can’t get a reduced payment because I have to patsy back the money again that I have already payed.

I don’t mind paying for my children that’s what you have to do weather you like it or not but I just think £500 a month for a man that is trying to make ends meet is a bit much thank you for letting me get my point across and any help that you could give me I would be greatful.