Why should I pay is she was living with me?

October 22, 2014

My x wife claimed CSA off me for two years that she lived with me. We split up then got back together for two years. I told her to stop claiming it and she refused as she said it paid for her shopping.

I told the CSA that she lived here and they didnt care! They give me that line that if i refused to pay it they would take more off me!! I eventually had enough and quit my job to stop the payments. That was eight weeks ago and she moved out 2 weeks ago.

The CSA are stating i owe her 8 weeks back dated money from when she actually lived here!! I have a sh*t load of evidence she actually lived here but the CSA don’t care. Any Advice? Im on the dole now so im hoping they will take me to court and maybe ill get a word in for once!


  • Richard Gent says:

    A similar thing happened to me Splendid. I was separated then Ex and kids returned to live with me to make the former family home ‘more sellable’. For 8 months she is claiming CSA payments based on the fact we were two households, even though we were all living under the same roof and we split all bills 50/50. I am going to an idependent tribunal on Dec 2nd after both my CSA appeals failed (which is hardly surprising as I am contesting my case against the CSA and it was them adjudicating the appeal)

    Send copies of your evidence to the CSA to demonstrate you were one household. For example: –
    Can you show the household bills were paid from a joint bank account?
    Can you show through diary entries or phone messages / texts that you were a couple and that care of your child / children was shared?

    It is typical of the CSA – once they have an ‘account’ with a NRP, they do not listen to us, just the resident parent, which is usually the Mother. It is an uphill struggle getting anything out of them. Request an appeal with the CSA and if that fails, they should tell you how to lodge a tribunal. Best of luck and do not give up. By dragging out your case, you are tying up valuable CSA resource to prevent them screwing someone else.

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