Why should I pay CSA if my daughter doesn’t live with her mother?

September 29, 2013

My ex was persuaded by her stupid social worker to claim CSA last year I was shocked because a few years before I offered to pay her money but she point blankly refused to accept it then in April last year I started to get letters and phone calls from the CSA.

In 1 week my own mother was hounded constantly ever day the phone rang twice from the CSA I kept telling the CSA my daughter didn’t live with my ex so why should I pay the CSA did not want to listen to reason all they kept saying was oh you have to pay I kept telling them in May, June then in July that my daughter doesn’t live with my ex.

I then received a letter this year in August from the CSA stating as of the 28th of August 2012 I am NO LONGER LIABLE to pay maintenance so I cancelled my direct debit to the CSA and now I am being hounded YET AGAIN by the CSA on behalf of the grandmother there is no residency order so she can’t claim anything neither is there any paper work signing over legal guardianship from the mother to the grandmother.

Now the CSA have committed fraud by obtaining money from me and giving it to my ex I have no proof it goes to the grandmother no paperwork nothing I am reporting my ex to revenue and customs for fraud and then I will be going public with my story about the CSA and how they do not listen but HOW they INCITE FRAUD and I will be taking legal action too followed by a civil suite against the grandmother for what she forced her daughter my ex to accuse me of.


  • Kel says:

    This happened to us. My husbands ex gave up their son to my husbands mother. The Csa asked my husbands mother if she wanted to claim and he said no, so they closed the case from when she handed him over. You have to pay csa to anyone who is claiming child benefit for the child. Make sure if the grandmother is getting the child benefit, that you ex is then liable for maintenance as are you. It should be a 50/50 from you and your ex to the grandmother, so make sure she has to pay her way also. It’s doesn’t matter if the grandmother has PR or not, just that she claims child benefit. If she isn’t claiming it and your ex still is without having your child, then she is liable for benefit fraud. It’s taken over a year for us to prove our case, but it is now closed and my husband ex is getting in trouble for benefit fraud for claiming benefits for him while he lived with my husbands mother. Good luck with your case. If you get stuck email their complaints team, your mp or see CAB. Hope this helps 🙂

  • Someone says:

    Child support will be paid as long as the parent is in receipt of child benefit payments for that child.

    The only reason your partner would still be getting the payments is if that is the case (for her grandmother to get them, she would have to open a case against you).

    I suggest you contact the benefit fraud office, as if what you say is true, your partner is committing a crime. The CSA is merely acting on the best evidence they have available (you swearing blind it’s the truth is not evidence).

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