Why should I have to pay my ex twice?

February 9, 2014

Back in 2010 my x partner asked for a advance of maintenance payments, i agreed and a family based agreement was drawn up and signed by us both. the family based agreement was that the advance payment, that i made was full and final settlement.

My x partner has now decided that she is not happy with this arrangement and has made a application for child maintenance.

The CSA will not take the family based arrangement for the advance maintenance payments i have made into account, even though they promote that you indeed try and set up a family based agreement on the internet.

They say it matters not !!! even with a solicitors letter and a letter from my MP. I have always paid for my children and i beleive that i have acted as a good parent, but now i feel that this so called double dipping is a step to far. Why should she be paid twice ?

Any help or advice on this matter will be greatly appreiciated.

Parent not knowing which way to turn ……


  • bob says:

    If you have paid an amount to your ex wife and she has then contacted the CsA you need to take your ex to a small claims court. You have a valid proof of claim and she has no valid defence.

    Contact your local court to ask for an N1 (iirc) and sue her

  • Steve says:

    Once paid my ex through Direct bank transfer and sent CSA proof there reply was that it was a gift rather than maintenance. Sometimes I think your really better off contacting CSA straight away after a break up even if you pay money and its tracked they make up load of bo%^&^&^^& a gift I ask you.

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