Why should I have to pay CSA if the kids aren’t mine?

September 5, 2016

Hi my problem is my ex partner she has 3 children i accept being farther to 1 of the children i think she had an affair with a so called friend of mine some time ago and fell pregnant i was told by her friend this was not my child this was her 2nd child she then told me she lost half her whome and could not have any more children now she has a third child with which i have nothing to do  with has i didnt want anymore children with her has i dont love her and told her i didnt love her we are now seperated but she is trying her hardest to claim csa from me which is not helping my relationship with my new partner my name is not on any of the birth certificates, i am willing to take dna test but why should i have to pay for this surely she should prove i am the father of the 2 youngest children.


  • King Canute says:

    Hi, Andy.

    You get that DNA test done soonest, mate. You cannot afford not to. You can’t argue with the CSA and they will take your ex’s word for it over you every time. Trust me. I have been dealing with the CSA since they first were invented.

    You earn, borrow, steal that money and get the test done. Otherwise you are in for a lifetime of shit.

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