Why should I give ex my hard-earned money?

June 2, 2015

Hi, let me start by saying i agree with child maintenance if you dont see or provide for your child but i was stopped from seeing my son and have been battling in court for a long time.

I have access now of 2 over night stays and 1 half day on a weekend but when you break it down i see my son 5 days a week and more hours than his mother because he goes to nursery 3 days a week too.

Csa have been pounding me with letters demanding i pay 22 pound a week to his mother and back pay WHY should i give her my well earned money i already support my son most of the week more than his mother does she does not provide anything when i see my son i had to go and buy new things eg bed, pram, car seat, clothes and so on when i bought those things in the first place that she has kept i am now in thousands of pounds in debt because i had to take her to court to gain access and now csa are threatening to take my wages.

I cant survive and wont be able to provide for my child if they do i will have to declare myself bankrupt and quit work just so i can live WHERE IS THE JUSTICE if anyone has and infomation or legal advice i can get to prevent this from happening.


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  1. King Canute on June 3rd, 2015 5:23 pm

    The CSA don’t & won’t care if you go bankrupt & you have to give up your job, nor if they make you homeless. There has been so many before you – myself included. Don’t look to the CSA for understanding. Don’t expect a common sense approach or an intelligent solution. You have to come to a solution yourself and look after number one – how else can you be in a position to look after your child?

    You ask about justice – I am afraid this concept is not in the CSA’s vocabulary.

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