Why should I bother paying CSA?

March 30, 2015

I pay csa though work and never seen my daughter for 5 years.

Then out of the blo i was seening her every 2 weeks for 3-4 months and don`t want anything to do with me now.

Why should i pay csa at all?


  • gonk says:

    Cheryl Smith
    talking total bollocks as usual. get off your fucking moral high horse and shut up. Courts are a fucking joke where the csa/cms are involved in a the nrp’s (usually the father) life, we all know the scum are a law to themselves and court orders seem to be a pointless exercise. The mother still screws the dad for cash and still stops him seeing his kids. And why cm payments are not means tested is beyond me. typically…how the hell is it fair that a father is paying an ex hundreds of pounds each month and struggling because of it, to make ends meet for his new family, when the ex has a partner earning a very very healthy salary where she and her kid/kids want for nothing. hows that fair? He should pay a fair amount taking into account his new families needs and her payments should be dependent on what is fair considering her wealthy partners income. WTF…CSA even use the nrp’s new partners child tax credits (if they have dependents) when assessing his cm. how the fuck is that right ??
    And what if the dad cant afford to take the bitch ex to court ?
    you really do see the csa through rose tinted spectacles. and your comment, money no object…pmsl…easy said I guess, IF you have money, and it certainly the be all and end all if its the reason you cant see your kids because of how much the csa bleeds a dad for. And YES we pay for the EX and not our kids. And why, because the law says we have to hand the money other to the mother…OPEN to abuse and pissed up the wall as she sees fit. It should be handed over in the form of food and/or clothes vouchers..THEN dad sees that his money is spent as it should be and then theres no reason for him suggesting the ex is spending it on herself…Theres no way my ex spends every penny of the £300 I have to pay, solely on my daughter..every penny…no ifs no buts, it should go to my daughter, all of it. And don’t bring up the old utility bill chestnut. Bollocks as well, because the ex would still have to pay her gas and lecky whether my daughter was there or not. and besides, why should my money for my daughter subsidies my ex’s bills? her and her partner should be paying them…not the ex.

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