Why must I work to pay for another woman’s children?

April 9, 2011

Im a female and do not agree with the sistem of CSA, my husband and me have to strugle to pay bills, rent and CM, his ex do not work and makes our life a real hell, she dont allow him to see his kids, she did a brain wash in their kids against their father just because of MONEY and because she knows she can abuse of the power CSA gives to her.

We havent got anymore life, I have to leave my baby every night to work to help my husband to pay the bills.Is it that fair?!?!I need to sacrifice my kids, my life and my husband life while she is having a lovely life cheatting on benefits, watching Coronation Street every single day, new layback unployed partner eating from our money (CM) Is it fair?!?!going to holiday with her new partner and leaving her kids with granparents ?!?!Then where is the CSA who dont see it?!?!?Are they protecting the kids rights or garantee their jobs?!?!

OR WE START NOW FIGHTING AGAINST OPORTUNISTS OR WE ARE LEAVING THE COUNTRY THEN WE WILL NOT HAVE any OBLIGATION WITH THEM.Then, WILL THE CSA give money for that lonely childrens, or if my husband decide to kill himself will the CSA pay the CM for his ex wife?!?!? No…Of Course no…

If I am forced to work to help my husband to pay CM their oportunist mums can work as well to feed their kids. Equality, fair.
We cannot tolerate ABUSE OF POWER.


If there is any association to help family in that situation please let me know Me and my husband will be there to support and make more strong to fight them.



  • lyn says:

    Zenith, I totally agree 100% with you.

    My ex partners wife was a total nightmare, partying night after night, on benefits, recently married a guy for money to give him is stay here. She is all about money. She even STOLE money from my ex’s Son. The poor kid was saving to buy computer games and Yes! Mammy took it from him. The poor kid was in bits. It was me and my ex who sorted him out. His ex wife destroyed us and everything we have and the Government are to blame as they allow the CSA to get away with it and give the tools to ex wives to destroy the Fathers lives.

    EX Wifee got my ex’s house and all he possessed because of money

  • anna says:

    Im relieved im not the only one who thinks this. Im 22 years old and am working 2 jobs at 8 months pregnant. My fiance has a gorgeous 2 year old daughter who we pay £200 a month child maintenance for. Between us we work over 100 hours a week to be able to afford food. Some days I dont eat anything at all which I know isnt healthy for me or bump,, but we often go without to feed his daughter. The childs mother has her 4 nights per week and me and my partner have her 3 nights so we get no child benefit or tax credits. we only have our combined wages of 1500 a month. 700 goes on mortgage and 200 on cm. we also have a 400 loan that we took out to pay for our deposit on the house. we have had to sell our car and have cancelled our television subscription. We are struggling to live the most basic of lives and his ex is out drinking every weekend. She has been on 3 holidays this year alone and had the cheek to ask my partner to help her move her 1000 pound new sofa into the house yesterday. When her little girl is supposed to be with her on the four nights, she is with her grandmother who lives in what you would call a hovel. she is wearing the same clothes when we drop her off on a monday night as she is when we pick her up on friday. She also has no bed there or clothes to wear and is often wearing pyjamas or just a vest when shes picked up. so we then fork out another 40 pound on shoes coat and top and jeans to take her home. we never get the clothes back. add together all the court fees we forked out for to get the joint custody, then you could say that his ex has cost us absolutely thousands. im 22 and (fiance is 24) i feel like i cant breathe from all the pressure. My friends are all at college or living off their parents still. Iv got a mortgage, a child to support (that isnt even mine) another baby on the way, 2 jobs and im also financially supporting the same child when shes with her mother. I even considered an abortion at the beginning of the pregnancy as I just panicked at the cost of a new baby. it breaks my heart to know that my child will suffer and have to go without just because of these lazy, moneygrabbers, that spend their maintenance on booze and sofas.

  • joanne shier says:

    Join our fight on fb, I’m an nrpp and know exactly what you mean, about time second families had a voice and stuck together.

  • Joanna says:

    I understand your point of view. The flip side is my child’s father who wants nothing to do with her pays less because his girlfriend has children. She gets money off her ex. So my child at the end of the line loses out because of this. Not fair either.

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