Why isn’t my husband in prison?

August 27, 2015

My husband walk out on me and his 2 children 15years ago, he left me in a lot of debt. I found out where he was and informed the csa but all they did was send letters to the address he was at, in return he wrote on the letters not at this address. nothing else was done he has not paid anything in 15years.

Why are the men who don’t want too pay left alone and the ones that do stung for everything? why has my husband not been put in prison like the csa state?


  • Lisa says:

    The post speaks volumes about the person you are! Vile disgusting person who puts money before her own kids feelings, how do you think your kids would feel their own mother had their dad sent to prison! Your a disgrace if you can’t afford kids hand them over to somebody who can

  • King Canute says:

    Get on with your life and stop looking for revenge. Move on. You are a vindictive and spiteful person. You & the CSA deserve each other.

  • Jo says:

    If your ex has done all he can to avoid CSA then CSA will not chase him as it’s too expensive, hence why he isn’t in prison it’s simply not worth the money at tax payers expense. My ex has avoided his kids both emotionally and financially and to be honest i let him get on with it, he’s simply not worth the stress and it’s his loss!

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