Why is the CSA taking so much but not giving it to the kids?

June 18, 2015

Hi i am writeing to say how dissapointed i am about csa they tell people that they r only concerned in childrens welfare.well wot a load of rubbish.

Me and my childrens mother have been phoneing csa for over 4 months trying to sort payments out 4 my 2 boys as for so many years they have been takin money straight from my wages and take over 300 and more a month the more i earn the more they take i only pick up 810 a month regardless wot i earn they take everything includeing my overtime my bonuses and best of all my childrens mother does not get a penny.

They have told me the money is going to the benifit of state so my children do not get a penny (really looking after childrens welfare there)NOT..anyway after so many phone calls from myself and the mother of my children and even being told by csa there selfs they will sort this matter out as me and my ex parner have agreed and we have told csa that we have agreed that i pay my ex partner direct and they said that they will stop the payments and arrears from my wages as they would want the money to go to the children and not to the benifit of state as they dont want children going without but to this day they are still taking money from my wages.so much for us genuine fathers who are trying to do the right thing by there children…