Why is my money taken into account for my husband’s son?

October 13, 2013

My husband has a child to a previous partner. My husband pays maintenance for his son through CSA. What annoys me is the fact CSA take into account the child tax credits, child benefit, my share of working tax and wanted to know my monthly earnings to calculate how much money he should pay.

I don’t have a problem that he pays for his child after all its his son too, but what does annoy me is the fact my 2 childrens money is taken into account.. It really angers me.

After all she’s getting tax credits and child benefit of her own for her son and now it seems a percentage of the money I get for my 2 children. Hardly seems fair that everything I get has to be taken into account for a child that is not mine. I think that this should be changes by law why should my children suffer because of her having a child with my husband.maybe I should start a petition regarding this???


  • Adrian says:

    Seems like your on the old rules. You need to write in to the scum bags and get it converted to the new rules. They will probably tell you this can’t be done but it can cause same situation happened to me.
    Follow it up with a letter to your local mp.
    Ring them on the progress if it every other day.
    Keep sending letters in every week asking for progress
    Don’t give up

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