Why is my husband the only parent paying anything for his kids?

May 27, 2013

My Husband was a victom of a alcholic wife that did nothing but beat him up, leave 2 kids under 2 in there cots while she went out on the Booze. They eventually got taken away from her as she had started dealing drugs they then got in touch with him about custody he hadnt seen the childen for 4 years because of the abuse and alchol problem even after contacting social services on so many occasions they now live with there Aunt my husband is still in remission from cancer and still is the only parent having to pay any money towards these kids and its so unfair WHY


  • eddie424 says:

    it is unfair I agree…… you have my empathy i don’t give sympathy as for me it preludes pity and we can all do something about this……. ITS NOT RIGHT OR FAIR.

    We need to stand together and be heard please contact me at [email protected] I am looking for people in the London area or middx area to start a focus group to discuss CSA issues from both a PWC and NRP prospective… Please give this e-mail address to anyone dealing with this agency.

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