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Why is it taking so long to investigate this possible fraud?

Divorced my wife 2003 and had to fight to try and get any access which ended in 2005 with the judge summing up that ” other than the mothers disapproval they could see no reason gor the father not to have contact with his children”.

I havent seen my children since 2005. My son turned 18 in july 2015 and has started a Graduate course at Bolton Uni, i found this out from people who know him and by seeing it posted on his Facebook page.

However when i contacted the CSA and told them this they just said the the mother was still in receipt of Child Benefit. I asked them to look into it and received a letter fron them a month later saying ” it looks like your son is doing an access course” and that “you are entitled to disagree with the decision but it has to be challenged by myself and the benefits department”.

I have soken to the benefit department who told me ” we cannot discuss the case with you due to the data protection act” , a fact i am sure the CSA were well aware of beforehand. The benefitd agency told me i could report her for benefits fraud and that it would take them 6 weeks to look into the case, however they would not contact me with the results of these checks and as such i would STILL have now answers.

With no other option I reluctantly asked for them to put me through to the fraud hotline. However 2 months later, still none the wiser as to what if any checks have taken place the CSA are still taking money for my son.

One thought on “Why is it taking so long to investigate this possible fraud?

  1. My 18 year old ‘child’ has been working full time for the last six months, my ex no longer gets CB or CSA payments for her…my case was reviewed a month ago and I am now paying £100 a month more.

    It’s quite obviously a Government slush fund.

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