Why is CSA demanding so much money?

September 12, 2015

I really need some help , I had a one night stand and resulting in the women getting pregnant , when the child was born the women went to the csa , they then contacted me to my mams address but I was no longer living there, about 6months later I seen that csa role income out of my earings , I rang them they told me they sent me a letter to my mams address , oppened the lelettes and they said I owed them 1200 pound in arreas , as they were going from my income in the army not my income now which is 50% less now.

I then spoke to the child’s mother and she agreed to do it just me and her , on the 24 June she cancelled the case and all the arrears. I paid her in full for 2 full months and had a letter of csa saying the account has been cancelled and the arrears have been dropped, then the mother turned nasty because I didn’t want anything to do with the child as I always said I just wanted to pay her which I did , then she went back to csa and said I didn’t pay her when I did and showed prof of paying her , after that they asked for my payslips and they rang me back saying she wanted the arrears to b put on even thou they are wrong by almost a 1000 as my income had changed ,

they would not change them , which was wrong as I didn’t earn that much , they said they could not change it as the case was closed , I then said if the case is closed you shouldn’t be allowed to put the arreas back on the account , the guy then said there is a 30 days cool of period in which the mother can change her mind , but it was 42 days , I really need some advise as this is causing massive stress to me and I can’t afford legal advice please help.


  • Lisa says:

    You need the idiots at csa to do a mandatory reconsideration because your earnings are so different they must do this if your income has dropped by 25%

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