Why haven’t I been refunded the £2,000 I’m owed?

June 5, 2013

My CSA hell started when after years of paying them for my son, my ex partner abandoned our child. I then became the full time carer for my son. I started receiving child benefit tax credits, and I got a full residency order from the courts. But still the CSA continued to take money from my wages. I contacted them and applied for child support from my ex, whats good for the goose. But still money was taken from my wages. I contacted them again, they told me I owed £1500 in back payments. Ok, not happy with it, but that’s how it went. I paid the back payments but still they kept taking money from my wages. I contacted them again, they said the payments will stop, but no – they kept taking them. I got in contact with the independent case examiner, who managed to stop the payments but not until I had overpaid by £2000. They told me I would receive a refund soon. This never materialised. After a further 50 odd phone calls, still no joy. I had no idea who or where to go for further advice, so I gave up. Even though I myself applied for csa, I never received a penny in payments and was fobbed off when I tried. It’s been 8 years since this mess started and I received no help or advice from the CSA. Why is this organisation set up to help single parents, sexist towards hard working single dads with care. They caused me and my son financial hardship for a very long time. They’re an absolute disgrace.


  • Carrie says:

    Get MP involved ,this is shocking treatment of a good father doing the right thing for his child ! The more focus that is put on the way they treat people, the sooner we might get someone to look into their procedures and do something about it ! We have had no end of mistakes made in our case.(I’m talking as a NRPP)
    Hope you get a result soon,

  • Alice says:

    has your case been referred to the accounts reconcilliation team to process a reimbursement of the overpayment? If so when? I believe the time scale for this is approx 6 weeks, if this time has passed you should write a formal complaint.

    With regards to the case you opened to claim from your ex – what reasons have the agency given for not establishing payments?

  • stuart says:

    Well done Alice you finally acknowledge a complaint is required, Missed out Data Files and MP, etc but its a start

  • Simon stelfox says:

    My case dates back 8 years i tried many times for a couple of years to try and get justice. As stated ICE got involved an all they done was stop the payments after over a year. My son has just left home an joined the army my money was never refunded and as i said i never received a penny in child support in all the time he lived at home. As my son is still only 17 and in army college i do believe we would be receiving payment until he is 19. No excuse was given by the CSA in regards to why i did not receive any child support i think maybe because i was in employment and not on the social during all of this time. As for taking legal action the issue via courts etc i could not afford such a path as i was already refused legal aid when obtaining my residency order so had to pay for all the legal costs involved solicitors barristers court costs etc this came to many thousands of pounds where i had to obtain bank loans to pay for this. I was not in a highly paid job. As i said i was paying csa on top of all these other outgoings leaving me and my son destitute. In an ideal world the csa would admit there mistake refund me my hard earned money plus interest and give me the 8 years of child support they where set up to do.

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