Why don’t they take both incomes from his household into account?

September 30, 2013

single parent with 2 children, ex husband with 2 children agreed for shared care, has stopped all contact and has claim in for csa and in arrears now of 3000 pounds and have to pay 40 per week with a partime job income.

Its disquisting and he has 2 incomes within his household and they do not take into account the other income where i am expected to pay 40 pounds a week and ontop 19 due to arrears


  • Adrian says:

    ???? Why should someone else pay. It’s not the other persons fault. Get a grip you greedy cow

  • Andy says:

    You really are pathetic. Do you seriously expect someone else to pay for your kids? The only people with obligations to your kids is you and their dad, NO ONE ELSE! if you had 2 incomes in your household, would you really want someone taking money from your partner because of something you did?

    Get a grip, get a life, and stop being a greedy bitch!

  • AnonyMum says:

    I have to agree (though more politely) with Adrian – why should someone else’s income be used towards your children? My partner, who is not my kids’ father is paying for his own child, I would never expect him (though he does) or my ex’s new girlfriend to have to pay for my children.

  • jo says:

    Why should someone else pay for yours and your ex’s children? If you were to have a partner living in your home their income isn’t included either so why should your ex’s partner?

    I agree that your ex should be contributing to the children, but it isn’t for the new partner to take on his responsibility no matter how much they earn.

  • Jason M says:

    You horrible money grabbing greedy cow! i am amazed you can even ask the question….hold on, i am not actually, what the hell is wrong with you, seriously let go.

  • Lisa says:

    To be fair did you really expect another woman to pay for your kids? Did the other woman give birth to your kids, nor would she expect you to pay for her kids, you had the children they are yours and your ex,s responsibility not another woman’s, seriously you need to get a grip on yourself, if your that hard up ask your ex for a bit extra, I’m sure if he is having regular access to his kids he will want to help a bit more

  • Emma says:

    Why dont you and your Ex get proper jobs and pay for your own bloody kids! Scum bag! you money grabbing bastard!! Keep your legs shut next time and stop having kids you cant afford to keep!!!!

  • melanie parton says:

    Women like u mek me sik y the hell should another women pay for yr kids…….disgustin u should even consider this

  • john says:

    yet another career reproducer , not enough intelligence to learn to spell but enough to breed! what a complete and utter waste of time you really are why in any logical person s mind would it be right to make another woman pay for someone else s children. …. oh the csa do this already by reducing tax credits.. its a fucking joke and you are disgrace.

  • Gonk says:

    Nothing disgusting about it, just tough luck for you lol. As a lot of comments on here already said, why the hell should this other persons income contribute towards your bloody kids. As said also, would you like it if you had a partner in your house hold and his ex was trying to get some of your income for her kids ?
    You expect to get some of your ex’s partners income…PMSL ….how about me ex that bleeds me for hundreds of pounds each month for our daughter, she has a full time working partner, so with a system that was fair, how about the CSA taking into account what he earns and bringing into the household and thus me having to her not so much ?
    No that would never happen where it means playing fair towards a Nrp but you the pwc think it fair that she should be entitled to some of the NRP’s partners income

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