Why don’t the CSA take our circumstances into account?

August 2, 2014

What happened to fathers for justice. where the hell av they gt too?

My 2 little girls mean the world too me but have been stopped seeing them because i havnt got my own home to take them too as i cant afford as a full time worker to pay all the necessary bills.

I was left in debt by my ex so the majority ov my wage goes on these bills. only just managing to survive, working all hours god sends just to pay that screggs bills which are in my name.

She walks away with everything including my children n i have to sleep in my corsa on the streets. the csa dont take into account the paying parents circumstances or bills they have to pay.


  • mags says:

    the csa are ripping my family apart for the sake of my husbands ex wife, my husbands not refusing to pay, he just wants to pay a reasonable amount, so that my family of 3 can still survive, but no they want to take unreasonable amount so that my family will be in poverty, but that’s ok, as long as the other child is happy, I will be getting to a point where I wont be able to feed my 3 young children, but that’s ok as long as the other child is happy, from my opinion the csa are screwed up

  • mags says:

    my husband has told the csa to take him to court, but apparently that has stopped, is it right???

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