Why don’t the CSA take my outgoings into consideration?

July 19, 2015

I’m paying Csa to my ex, why don’t they take my outgoings in to consideration as well as my ex partners income? I’m currently in £1200 of debt for my council tax as I can’t afford to pay the. I can barely afford to feed myself and pay bills as well as spend money on my son when he’s staying with me. My ex earns more than myself and only put a claim in 3years after we split which was when she got a mortgage.

She has been living with her bf now fiancé for a few years so why don’t they take that in to consideration? Like many other dads I’m struggling with money and help while she seems to get all the help she needs.

Please help because I’m really struggling to cope now. I’m working 7days just to make up for the money lost that I would normally have on a 5day week. I don’t want to sign on again as I will fall into a state of depression. But I feel I’m left with no other option.

I can’t find an evening job at the moment and if i do I’m worried that I will be working even more hours and they will take money from that as well.

I’m losing 8hours a week with my son to make up for the money they are taking.