Why don’t fathers get a say?

June 5, 2013

My daughter ran away and came to live with me and my wife. i was already paying the csa, my ex kept saying to the csa that I never had contact. I had my 2 kids for 3 nights and 4 days every week. While my daughter was Living with me, the csa could not get a single penny from my ex. This went on for 13 months, as my ex kept phoning child benefit to say my daughter had gone back. As a result of this, cb was on hold so nobody had it. In the end I just gave up and told my daughter it would be in her interest to go back to her mum and that way she will get some money for her cb. Now 18 months later and still no money from the csa.

I have been informed my csa has gone up £50 and I also have to pay £1560 in arrears, as there is no proof I had cb payments. What a joke. Fathers have no say and there is no law to help us. In the eyes of csa, a mother can tell them as much bs and they will listen to them. In there eyes all fathers are losers who don’t want to see their kids. If only that was the case. I spent 8yrs fighting to get my kids and the courts are not much help either. My ex has been diagnosed as a person with mental problems, been in the nut house 3 times, and I still can’t have my kids. She gets £1300 a month in benefits, sell drugs, works for cash in hand and nothin gets done, I work any overtime and I’m hammered by the csa. What a blooooody joke.


  • Alice says:

    CHB does not need to be be in payment to a PWC for a case to be opened – when there is a role reversal situation (such as when your daughter moved in with you) and the agency are bring given contradictory info from NRP and PWC about where the child is living the agency will use CHB as the evidence as to who the PWC is.

    You say that due to your ex repeatedly saying that your daughter had moved back to her that CHB was not in payment to either of you … have the agency check if your ex’s chb claim was ceased and then re-started.

  • stuart says:

    Alice you have failed to mention the complaints procedure, Ice and MP? If you have reported information and the CSA have not acted it is maladministration, Get a copy of your data file it cost £10 and will show the many errors the CSA have made on your case, Ensure you have this before you ask ICE to investigate the CSA handling of this.

  • stuart says:

    Also when contradictory info is given the CSA will blieve the PWC and act, The NRP has to provide proof. Another CSA little trick that discriminates against a parent.

  • Afy says:

    Thanks for all your advice,to put the final nail in my coffin by the csa and my ex wife I have now been told a 40%doe has been sent to my employer.they did say sorry for not informing me first. I can’t start my appeal until I receive the payment sheet from csa which gives me a breakdown of how they have come to that total. My ex is very clever she sat on thus for over a year well 14 months,that’s how long it’s been since she let me see my kids. Now she has told the csa that I did not want any contact and they are backdating the lot. What a bunch of in reads.

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