Why doesn’t the CSA join up with The Inland Revenue?

September 23, 2010

My ex stopped paying maintenance in Feb 09. He is a director of his own companies. I went to CSA for help in July 09. Since then like everyone else Im sure have had excuse after excuse, been fobbed off and more importantly CUT off and have to give all the security info again and again. I can say it so fast now they cant keep up. My case has been sent to Criminal Compliance twice (and now a third time this week). This time the CSA did a credit check against my ex (his name not his companies) as he has dwindled his companies down to look “poor”.

Why wasnt this done before?!

They have now finally realised that hes been lying about his £140 a wk earnings due to the amount of credit hes got, which I have been saying right from the start! I have called the CSA regularly since “joining”. They certainly make money out the calls that is for sure.

Maybe thats what keeps them going! An average call lasts 15 minutes! I have noticed that they answer their calls within 1 minute (after the option process) has anyone else noticed if you put your NI no in too quick it will say “sorry I didnt get that” which drives you mad…! Thats how they delay you for a minute so they can boast on their site how efficient they are – NOT. Criminal Compliance just get your ex to provide a “printed pay slip” as evidence of earnings (he prints them off and alters them as he wishes!) Its all mad, no-one cares at the CSA or does anything constructive. Why are we paying for them with our taxes?!

A simple solution to these NRP’s that dont want to pay is for the CSA to join forces with the Inland Revenue (ie. all self employed or directors have to fill in a TAX COPULATION NOTICE which shows earnings and DIVIDEND information! Simple….. Why are they not doing this?!

Maybe us parents with care should be running the CSA. Im sure we could deal with the irresponsible parents more quickly and efficiently. At the moment the CSA should come with a health warning as the frustration felt by myself and millions of others I expect is unbelievable…..

Someone needs to do something…..


  • graeme says:

    Hi Louise

    I refuse to give my NI number to them, they are actually breaking the Data Protection Act for doing that, What if your calls are being moniored on a handheld scanner ? By giving things like your NI number out over the phone you are leaving yourself open to identity fraud.

    I unofrtunately had to phone them 2 weeks ago and foolishly enough used my mobile for the call. The bill came in and I was startled to see that it had cost me an eye watering £30. Lesson learned, dont call them from mobiles.

    When I want to communicate with them now I write to them and send it recorded delivery.

    I am so sorry to hear about your problems. There are many other people in a similar situation. One day they will be reformed and the life will be better for everybody.. that is my mantra that I have started to use.


  • graeme says:

    Further to my post above the CSA regularly check with HMRC. They have just done it to me to check that I was working again. Otherwise I wouldnt have had another DEO put on me again. I informed the agency that I was working, told them who with, but they never even gave me the chance to set up a payment system with my ex. Oh no.. you are under PAYE.. therefore you are an easy target for us… whack !!! DEO landed on the companys payroll for me.

    Sorry If i sound bitter and twisted.. just very bitter and twisted at this shambles…

  • Jason Wallace says:

    Yes. This is what I have been saying all along. A director of a company, or someone who is self employed does have rather more contriol over the amount of tax which they pay. The CSA or HMRC will never be able to get a grip on that I'm afraid.

  • Lee Hughes says:

    I think all responsible NRP's should be running the CSA…. the only responsible action is to shut it down… introduce new legislation that links maintenance to access and makes BOTH parents responsible, not the current system that is setup for the benefit of the PWC. However in many cases, it can't even do that!!!Then make it BOTH your responsibility to sort out FAIR arrangements and only if it truly cannnot be resolved (using an independent party if necessary) should CMEC become involved.The CSA was setup to make money for the government, it now in theory makes nothing on payments going forward! It needs winding down ( collecting in what is legitimately owed), it is a waste of taxpayers money. They can then setup a smaller body who after REASONABLE (definition needed) attempts to resolve the issue come down hard on 'DEADBEAT' NRP's (People who take no responsibility for the cost of raising their child/children) . Also required is a reform of the benefits system so that PWC's are required to contribute towards the upkeep of their children, say at least 10 hours work a week or community work.It takes TWO people to make a child…. so it takes TWO people to support it!

  • Busylizzy says:

    Graeme sorry to hear about your current predicament but a bit of useless information is that it costs, cos they told me so, about £1k to get info from the Inland Revenue so they don”t do it very often and even if numerous DEOs were in place with previous employers each time you change your job they give you a “chance” to pay not slap in instant DEO. Sounds to me like your being conned or are you just once again one of the so many, many easy TARGETS?????? PS Don”t worry about feeling angry,bitter,twisted got that TShirt cos of this twisted system but at least now by typing this we can get it out to the masses and into a fair open forum. PS Read article on this website under News ie The Guardian article shows this site is getting under someones skin somewhere TeHe bring it on

  • Busylizzy says:

    Louise, and for that matter anyone else, have you got a copy of the publication (or should I say BOOK) issued by the CSA called “Child Support :A technical guide” which you can just phone up and ask for. Get it cos it might help and is the Bible workers abide too eg laws on both england and scotland plus loads on self employment, overseas,Inland Revenue,DEO etc etc too much to quote. PS Makes goodbed reading TeHe sends you to sleep Not if like me it infact keeps you awake!!!!!!!!! Good luck

  • Wayne Matthews says:

    if they did that then they would not make as much money for the goverment.Our children are just a profit for mps

  • Katy Wood says:

    I am in a similar position and the CSA have used the phrase to me on more than one occasion…"your ex-partner has a right to be believed" which I find quite incredulous. My ex is quite clearly making false declarations about his self employed income which is born out by his blatantly lavish lifestyle, not least the BMW and the Porsche Carrerra kept at his docklands apartment! I have a £5 a week assessment based on the fact that he claims to have an income of less than £50 a week. In my view it's worse than the MP's expenses scandals where the over privileged elite were fiddling their already generous expenses to line their pockets at OUR expense! And yet in this case it's our kids who are suffering. Why is this issue constantly being brushed under the carpet? Why should being a company director allow anyone to evade the responsibilities of parenthood. It's beyond me!The CSA is acting immorally in protecting this elite group of people and allowing them to be exempt from financial responsibility. It seems to me that they'd rather go after the 'soft targets' and just fob us all off with rudeness and evasiveness. It stinks!You're right. Someone does need to do something. There are some strong opinions on these forums and NRP's and PWC's alike who are getting a raw deal. We should be joining forces and making our voices heard.

  • graeme says:

    Hi Lizzy

    I have posted on here “Lost contact with my son because of the CSA greed” Please read it and understand where I am coming from.

    I am one of the easy targets unfortuantely because I want to pay for my child, just not the extortinate and eye watering amount that they want (intotal at present £757 per month from my wages and naval pension).

    As far as I am concerned they can shut the whole lot down and start again. That way a fairer system will be put in place for both sides PWC’s and NRPS’s.

    Its great that at last this website is getting under somebodys skin, its just a pity that its not the people that matters.. the Goverment, the Prime Minister, the Head of the CEMC/ CSA, the Minister for Works and Pensions.

    Once that happens maybe then they can do something about the whole pollouted, corrupt system.

    I did read the article, and it was interesting. However, until the law changes in the favour of the public and the Judicial system reviews are inplace for this to happen and the CSA/CEMC are stripped completely bare of their powers what chance to do the common people in the street have ? Unfortunately the law will always be on the side of the “enemy” and no matter how often we prove them wrong we will never get a fair hearing.

    It takes a brave man in Downing Street to say.. the buck stops here. I am at fault I will be the brave one to reform and change Child Maintenance… then issue the orders to strip the system down… that wont happen.

    Until then what can we do.


  • Susan Ward says:

    not all parents are irresponsible, And i do not agree with you that pwc should run the csa, Some of you are as corrupt as the csa are.Its the NRP and their new family that suffer most of the time, and i speak with experience. Whilst there are a FEW pwc who are honest and i synpathize with you there are many who use the csa as a form of revenge on their former partner.

  • John says:

    Like Graeme. I want to provide for my children not only until the age of 19, but to leave a financial legacy to them. However, the pure ignorance and greed of politicians is stripping me of any money to leave for them…..and they think they are doing good? They are causing more damage than doing good!

    The CSA think that they can be divisive and target you at any cost ‘for the good of the children’!

    Well! Congratulations, they have cost two of my children any inheritance that they would have had.

  • Busylizzy says:

    Graeme and John what is important to remember ,and never forget, you ARE the GOOD guys wanting the best for vour children and not only that neither of you have whinged on about your ex. but take on the CSA. FAB. What concerns me is that both of you bhave used the term “Stripped Bare” my answer is no they have not unless you let them. Reading your comments, and I hope I have helped in some way, hhas made me a better person and made me take stock of my own problems so that once again after 8 years Ifeel stroung enough to continue the battle which I was ready to give up. Justice for me no thats long gone thanks to these courts of law or for that matter medition what is important is the needs of ou child/ren after all they are the next generation. What then, the same?

  • John says:

    Good sentiments Busylizzy. However, I have their mother on one side, using my children against me and politicians and office workers on the other side interfering in a matter that is between me, my ex-wife and my children.

    I’m trapped with between a vindictive, money grabbing ex-wife and a shambolic system that has no place whatsoever in our society!

  • I loved your story and what a great idea. The fact is something needs to be done. Please leave your story on my website and show your support for today’s children. Thanks

  • John says:

    Perhaps they could link the Department of Works and Pensions, the CSA and HMRC.

    They could then send the non resident parent a breakdown of what benefits are being claimed by the PWC and align this with payments that the NRP is paying……………but they won’t ever do this, as the game would be up then!

    We would then see how the CSA/DWP are ‘scamming’ all NRP’s for thousands of pounds to fill the benefit pot up and the M.P.’s expenses pot up!

    It’s great to be part of a democratic society, where we are governed by incompetent liars and thieves! As Jim Royle so elequently put it…..Fairness and Equality……..my a_se!

  • StephenGe says:

    The HMRC are going to be more involved with the CSA’s “Future Scheme”, which will be introduced around this time next year, but I don’t think they’re revealing how it’s going to work yet. I’m guessing it may be similar to Student Loans, where they just take a certain percentage from your wages.

  • Charmaine Leworthy says:

    in an ideal world there would be no agency to run because all NRPs would be contributing to the upbringing of their child. Having either the NRP or PWC making decisions is not viable because unfortunately there is an element of greed on both sides of the camp. Some PWCs do want to bleed the NRP dry for vindictive reasons and they are PWCs that lie about monies received via private arrangements. But equally there are NRPS who think that its perfectly ok not to suppport their offspring or have absolutely no conception of the cost of raising a child and think the PWCs should be grateful that they chuck the odd twenty quid our way or take the child out to Mcdonalds once a week., there also NRPS that go to great lengths to avoid a correct assessment.It makes perfect sense for the CSA and HMRC to work together, even if just to reduce the time it takes to make an assessment and avoid a build up of arrears that are of no fault of the NRP yet they're hit with a 40% reduction in their income until the arrears are cleared. They do have the authority to do credit checks, demand bank statements and thoroughly check company accounts. The obvious reason for them dragging their heels and going through such a long winded process is to ensure that they stay in employment!

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