Why doesn’t the court have control over CSA?

August 7, 2015

my csa payments ceased some 6 years ago when my children reached 17 years of age.but soon after the csa sent me a bill for about 10 thousand pounds,which denied owing because me and my ex wife agreed on a reasonable amount that i should pay but the csa still insist that i owe this money.i went to court to try to over turn this but the court said they have no power over the csa.i am unable to work because of it because i suffer from chronic depression and often feel like taking my own life, because with this hanging over my head i dont see any reason to carry on.


  • eve32 says:

    Have you got your ex wife’s support in this? Was there a case open while you had a private arrangement that you wasn’t aware of?

    I really feel for you and hope you get this resolved. It is unfair when a responsible father who has supported his children gets shafted like this. They should pursue the non paying ones not fathers who have provided financial support to their children.

    It sounds very common these mysterious arrears. Good luck with your case. I hope you are getting support from your GP for your depression. Have you asked for a subject access request?

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