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Why does the world hate men?

Can’t men tell that most of the the world is anti-male hating society. It introduces such things as the CSA, noting that women do not pay it when the men are left holding the kids.

Men are paying CSA for ENTRAPMENT CASES noting this is how my Daughter was born because the MOTHER lied to me stating she was on the pill and thus trapping me into becoming a Father to a kid I did not want.I don’t give a damn whether my daughter reads this ;or the CSA as the CSA are making me pay for a LIVING LIE and the funny part is ENTRAPMENT is A CRIMINAL OFFENCE. So while I’m paying for a “living lie” I feel I am entitled to speak my bloody mind and tell everyone about the “other family”.

Her Step-father is a drunk, violent man and they was told by one of my relatives where I lived, what i was doing and to date (2012) they still are being told of my PERSONAL BUSINESS what right have they got to know of my personal business including possibly receiving my personal mail where i do not live with anyone in my family, I’ve had my windows smashed, death threats and the Police and the CSA do nothing to stop my payments being made.One of my relatives threatened to kill me and now faces two years restraining order yet he has THREE kids of his own and doesn’t pay a penny in CSA.

This person who had made threats to kill me in 2011 is a drug taker and he had the audacity to tell me to “be a man and do a DNA” who the hell does he think he is? Who gives the Step-father the right to change my Daughters name from her Mothers’ maiden name to his surname without my consent and the CSA allow this to happen. I am paying CSA for a kid that should not be born and yet I am threatened to nearly the point of suicide caused by THEM!

Where does it state in any part of the CSA Act that any parent must speak to ;or associate themselves with the other family especially when DRUGS have been sold in their home; or speak to a living lie when she should not have been born because the MOTHER LIED TO ME! Therefore, I hope my Daughter reads this as here are the clues about her Mother lying to her too. I sent two letters to where they was living BREDON and KEMERTON no replies from either address. The Mother told me she was “on the pill” funny how I’m paying for a living lie, and I was told by the mother “I won;’t ask for CSA” yet I am paying CSA. What do the CSA do about this lying woman NOTHING!

Why should men pay for ENTRAPMENT CASE KIDS ? Now my life has been ruined by her lies and my entire family don’t listen to my version, well whoever reads this will know. ENTRAPMENT IS A CRIMINAL OFFENCE AND YET THE GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED KINGDOM ALLOWS LIARS TO WALK FREE AND MEN ARE PERSECUTED how corrupt can a country be towards MEN!

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  1. I have to inform you that you are wrong. Women do pay CSA as I am one of them. I have always paid since my children went to live with there father. He on the other hand never paid a penny for his children when they were with me.

    I have to state that the CSA are against any NRP and fighting them seems like a a never ending battle.

    They hound, make your life a living hell and expect you to live on a pittance while the RP can be earning large amounts and having the life of Riley. When you report things to them they do not act on it as they can’t be bothered.

    So please don’t think that men are the only ones that have a rough time with them as women do to if not more due to you being the mother.

  2. Anthony,

    Female’s also put up with cr*p from the CSA, it’s not gender biased.

    It’s harsh your happy for your daughter to read your post.
    Regardless of the circumstances, your daughter is the innocent party to anything you and the mother ‘did’.

    Can you clarify, were you in a long term relationship with your ex OR was it a one night stand?

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  3. What difference does it make whether it was a one night stand ;or otherwise. This kid was born out of ENTRAPMENT and the C.S.A. know about it. I’m pissed off paying for a LIVING LIE when the mother lied to me, the Step-father changed the kids name without my consent thus taking on PARENTAL RESPONSIBILITY and they took her out of Bredon to Kemerton , apply for C.S.A. and demand a fucking DNA too. The mother was already in an affair with the Step-father before they got married as she already had a Son of him and tried to say the son was mine too. My Nephew who has three children is not paying C.S.A., has not done a DNA and the C.S.A. are not even chasing him, he had the nerve to threaten me with three kitchen knives, tells me to “Be the man and do a DNA” and causes utter hell for me on and off FACEBOOK. It seems a “political joke” that the CSA chases men and now “correction” women to for not paying CSA but what about Men who are bloody entrapped into becoming Fathers by LYING WOMEN I am so angered at this corrupt feminist male hating system is it any wonder why so many men COMMIT SUICIDE it is SAFER OPTION instead of having fucking windows smashed, death threats and having your bloody name splattered on and off FACEBOOK for a kid that should not be bloody born but her mother lied to me, Her partner (now husband) and possibly lying to her own Daughter to save her own bloody arse. I regret meeting the mother, and it seems I’m the one painted black by my own family as well as my own Daughter. I personally hate the lot of them. Therefore it makes no fucking difference whether this kid was born out of a one night stand ;or otherwise as her mother lied to me, entrapping me into becoming a Father I did not want to be ;leaving the county then claim C.S.A. on top. I hope the C.S.A. read these messages because they know who I am on about and why don’t they force my Nephew to do a DNA too, make him pay C.S.A. for his THREE KIDS so he can’t afford to smoke WEED at around over £15.00 or more a week. At least I’m paying for my “living lie ! for a kid who I do not want anything to do with due to her mother copying and pasting my messages on FACEBOOK plus knowing that it was my Nephew who told me it was THEM who had smashed my front room window on 20 December 2011 as he smashed my front door glass on 28 December 2011 only a few days after my Eldest sister passing away, what a bunch of CUNTS ! This C.S.A. entrapment case is costing me more than what I ought to be paying, it has cost me my health too. I hope the CSA take notice that they claim to have had a THREE PAGE INTERVIEW with me which NEVER TOOK PLACE. Thus the C.S.A. employ liars too ! I asked for a copy of such a interview and I have not received it from over 4 years ago now.

  4. Quote Anthony Tovey on July 3rd, 2012 4:50 pm; What difference does it make whether it was a one night stand ;or otherwise.

    Other than giving us some idea whether you were in a ‘trusting’ relationship or sowing your wild oats, it makes no difference. As an adult you are ultimately responsible for your own actions.

    *If you have any doubt the child is yours, it could be a good idea to arrange a DNA to confirm such.
    **If the child is yours and has been correctly adopted, then your liability should cease, as the child would no longer be your responsibility.
    ***If the child is yours and has not been adopted, then regardless, you will be liable to pay maintenance.
    ****If you apply for a copy of your Data Protection File from the CSA (£10 fee) a copy of the interview, as per your post, should be included.

    I’ve no idea of the contents of messages from you or them on Facebook, but reading the 2 posts you have made here, and considering you’ve received no nasty replies, you come across as being very hostile and unpleasant !

    Best wishes with your plight.

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  5. Who are you – ( A FAIRER CSA FOR ALL ) to present my quotes when you are not aware of the facts. you are neither my solicitor;or aware of the case in any event. Keep your opinions to yourself.


    LEARN TO SHUT YOUR MOUTHS ! Is your campaign working and for what GENDER does it care for the most ? I bet most of your clients are female based.

    The C.S.A. was introduced to get money out of men and noting when Emily Pankhurst threw herself under a horse in 1800 for the Women’s Suffragette Movement- W.S.M. there was PUBLIC OUTCRY. How much of a public outcry is there when men commit suicide caused by corrupt feminist movements. NONE.

    Women are losing their Sons, Husbands ; or ex husbands, partners, daughters boyfriends, kids are losing their FATHERS everyday caused by C.S.A. STRESS Some women use the kids as personal “weapons” so explain to everyone what your campaign does to help those affected by this C.S.A. trap. Who really suffers the most ?

  6. Anthony, if you’re questioning who Chall is to give you advice, and saying he should keep his opinions to himself, why did you come on here seeking advice? We’re here to help people, if you don’t want help that’s fine with us.

  7. Anthony,

    You’ve asked questions regarding the CSA , I’ve offered answers, despite the unnecessary foul language in your second post and wished you well.

    The rest of your argumentative ramblings , warrants no response.


  8. Dear Michael CSA staff.

    I perceive this site is an open site where those who have experiences about how they have been unfairly treated by the C.S.A. ;or others can freely express their angers, frustrations and most of all, how they personally feel when they have been subjected to death threats, windows smashed and all other aspects of “hate crime” You refer to my “foul language” and yet obviously you have never obviously been a victim of having your windows smashed etc and reported incidents to the Police, council and still remain in your UNSAFE HOME. I am free to express my anger as this is based upon many factors regarding this C.S.A. case ;and other matters and needless to say, was it absolutely necessary for those who caused such devastation to me, my home namely my family and my Daughter’s family. If it helps, anyone who write on this site are not necessarily seeking advice, but to let their anger out so that should any “Ministers” care to help those who are victims of such threats etc care enough to help which appears to be very limited, then surely they can see ;and feel everyone’s angers, frustrations and how they have been treated by the C.S.A. who claimed to have conducted a three page interview with me knowing full well they did not ;and also see how recent events have taken many lives and added on more stress to those who are paying for kids out of entrapment. I make no reservations as to how I feel, what I feel and freely express my anger on ;or off this site. The C.S.A. are aware of all incidents and do not take any notice where my life has been threatened. DEAD PEOPLE CANNOT PAY C.S.A. ! Your comment regarding my “ramblings” is a typical example of someone who is obviously supportive of the feminist movement dismissing any comments regarding Emily Pankhurst (another Feminist) and it is through such devised anti-male government lobbies as the Feminist movements why men pay C.S.A. for kids and noting only a minority of women do pay C.S.A. (if they truly do of course) I am aware of one woman who does not pay C.S.A. despite the male brought up two kids without any C.S.A. as they declined to chase the Mother for any payment towards her own kids. Therefore, my “ramblings” do deserve to be noted and not dismissed as you would normally do. You obviously never heard of the United Kingdom Men’s Movement -U.K.M.M., Dads After Divorce, Families Needs Fathers, Mankind and any other anti-C.S.A. campaigns. It might pay you to RESEARCH PROPERLY. My “ramblings will take you further if you care to notice I am quite well researched under U.K.M.M. I don’t support corrupt feminist movements ;and never will.

  9. Actually, I referred to your foul language and ramblings, not Michael.

    ‘You refer to my “foul language” and yet obviously you have never obviously been a victim’.
    You obviously have (I do research 😉 ). But that ‘obviously’ does NOT give you the divine right to be abusive and rude to the rest of us!
    Maybe, you could have received more support and empathy if you had a more civil approach with you posts.

    You obviously have plenty of issues. But maybe the thunder about the CSA is not your main concern and more a branching out attempt.

    I note you ‘don’t support corrupt feminist movements ;and never will.’ – just to confirm, I don’t support any biased movement, regardless of their gender, and never will.


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