Why does the government persecute fathers?

October 20, 2010

I have my kids as many nights as I can because they want to spend as much time as posible with me. I have 2 girls to 1 ex who stay with me more than there mam and a son who I used to see around 50/50 (although she would not tell CSA that) but his mother has recently stopped my overnight stays for no viable reason. I provide a home for the children all clothes food, school transport, lesure and holidays whilst they are in my care and get no financial help.

I am now in the position of having to pay extra maintenance whilst I fight to get reasonable contact with my son, I havent got a clue how much this will cost yet she can make up alagations and get legal aid without any fear of any repurcusions!!

I cannot get legal aid as the system does not see my as having children because there mothers get the child benefit and are seen as there main carers.

I have never thought of applying for any benefits as I assumed I would not be eligable seen as I dont get the family allowance. However I have just stumbled across the income tax website and I may be able to get tax relief on my maintenance payments?? at least that will be a little help.

I have contacted my local mp Mr Ian Swales who is chasing things up for me but I wont be holding my breath for a result that helps me.

How can the systems and government agencies in our country be so descriminate towards us and the children we should all be protecting??


  • graeme says:

    It is what they do, what tehy excell at, and what they have ultimately been set up for. We all know it is wrong and their methodologies concern us. Until somone is man enough to stop them in their tracks then I am afraid it will just go on and on and on.

    I feel for you mate I really do . I and many thousands are in the same boat as you.

    This is the type of father that the csa need to target and extract money from.

    My thoughts only.


  • John says:

    They think that they are doing good. In fact they are doing more harm than good.

    My children are suffering and will continue to suffer, because as long as I am in the at the behest of these delusional, incompetent oafs, my children will not have a father figure in their life. they will also never receive any further monies from me.

    This is the price my will children have to pay when interfering politicians, civil servants and the judiciary invade my private life.

    My children can ask them to explain their actions when they are of an adult age. ” Why was my father persecuted”?

  • Phil Lee says:

    I represented myself and won every time – if you are reasonably smart as most people are save yourself thousands and build your own case – the family law solicitors feed off the worry dads like you and I suffer from – the judges aren't stupid and want a sensible and practical solution that helps all. The children/child have a RIGHT to see and be with their father, sadly your so called rights stand for little from my experience. The CSA have you over a barrel re overnight stays – unless the PWC says you have the child you simply can't prove it and the court will ALWAYS go with the statements from the PWC – as shocking as this is that's the way it is.. two parents arguing over who has the child – they must make a decision and as such the parent with care get's the nod. Nice money earner dontya think? Sorry that you are discovering the CSA and it's cold hearted approach to fund raising but that's the UK Ltd for ya. Good luck and best wishes – one last thing I would say is that you should ask for copies of everything, make them earn their (sorry YOUR) money.. under the freedom of information act request every single document.. drag their arses all over the place. And enjoy parenting when you can – my son is 17 it goes too quick and the bitterness felt due to the CSA shouldn't spoil it.. keep going! : )

  • Troy Love says:

    Very well said and interesting

  • Shaban Afzal says:

    i agree with phil, when you represent yourself you have more chance of a positive outcome. I won every time i represented myself. Phil is right judges are not stupid. Not only did i get shared residency and in fact the reality is i have my daughter more times in a month than does my ex, my daughter is 5 and is more happy and comfortable with me. I even confiscated my daughter's passport. Judges know when one is bluffing, even when barristers talk shit. Especially when they give that pathetic one liner…..,my client disputes that, their client can kiss my arse!

  • Trevor Franks says:

    hang in there hope it all works out for you

  • Michael Hallett says:

    Answer, cuz the positions of power and influence are held by marxist feminists. e.g the harman abomination.

  • Peter Anderson says:

    The key question is what are you doing about getting the overnites back. How old is he? How long had you had overnites for? When did they stop? Was there a court order? Why did you not just continue having him overnite? When my ex did it to me I just started collecting my sons from school on a Friday and keeping them for the weekend. Sure police came round, most weekends. But they can do nothing unless you are defying a court order. The other option was to make an emergency application to court to reinstate the established contact pattern with immediate effect. You must make every attempt to reestablish the proper contact. Use relatives, friends, and the courts to get it started again.But preferably arrive in court with it already restarted.

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