Why does the CSA take our children’s tax credits into account?

December 25, 2012

My partner was paying for his son directly to the pwc got her to sign a receipt everytime. she then went to csa and we were footed with arrears my partner sent in all the signed receipts proving he had paid her but they had to take her word for it and she told them to write off the arrears which they did but we were still left with 3000 which was owed to the state for the benefits she had claimed (altough she was the one to claim them and not declare the maintenance) how is this my partners responsiblity to pay this back. Also how can they take tax credits as income when we get that for our children and she gets it for the child. they are just punishing my children how is this fair?

I was thinking of contacting my mp but dont know how to do this. we struggle to provide our chikdren with clothes they need let alone they are housebound because we cant afford to go anywhere. my partner has never refused to pay for his child but its fair to do it on his wages alone not tax credits.


  • Alice says:

    The legislation states that CTC can be considered income into the NRP’s household and as such it can be used in the maintenance calculation. NRPs are given an allowance on all income used in the calculation in respect of children in their household regardless of whether they are their own children or their new partner’s children. CSA must follow the legislation that is laid down for them, you can contact your MP if you feel this part of the legislation is wrong.

    If your partner’s ex was claiming benefits prior to 2006 there will be a portion of the maintenance liability taken to pay back Secretary of State Debt, if his payments had been made to the CSA, depending on the liability the PWC would have received some of the payment and the rest would have paid back the SoS. Unfortunately as your partner paid his ex direct and she did not declare it the SoS was not paid.

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