Why does the CSA not get back to me?

November 21, 2010

I had a DOE ongoing for many years this stopped without reason in 2003. Numerous calls were made to them and I have received no correspondance from the CSA until today, demanding £8000+ in arrears. On calling them today, they admitted they have not written to me since 10/03 without any explanation. I have not moved or changed employers.

Also they have not been contacted by the PWC in over 7 years.

They are now demanding the full amount or £300.00pcm. Surely the CSA have made an error, as they stopped the deductions and not contacted me in 7 YEARS.



  • Vic says:

    My advice is not be spooked despite their bullying hold on to the facts of your case, yes they claim limitless powers but only ever fuck up fathers in jobs as is a quick win to make targets.

  • Troy Love says:

    probably the government raking in all the money they can to pay the national debt. They will say that it is your job to contact them if your child is under 19 years old

  • Mark Yak Attack Howard says:

    Agreed. They make the mistakes and WE pay for it. Scumbags.

  • Gary Spiers says:

    Csa admitted mistakes to me too, and now want me to pay £10k. The admitted computer errors and the sending of letters which they should not have sent. There response was basically " Yes it was our mistake, but we are not writing it off.

  • Peter Anderson says:

    Do not talk to them on the phone. Just write back stating that their claim is completely fictitious and that you have had not heard from them since 2003. Explain that as they did not contact you, the PWC and yourself made other arrangements. Then, please see my other comments on other cases below regarding taking the case to Magistrates Court etc. Do not get involved discussing amounts with them. If they didn't contact you for seven years then they clearly were not wanting anything from you and the case was closed.

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