Why does the CSA keep sending me money when I’ve asked it to stop?

August 3, 2014

The csa staff do not action e-mails, phonetically etc. All changes of circumstances informed csa. They call to say that they have received emails and then don’t deal with them.

They never once said my payments would stop when my son left college even though I still fed, clothed him… He got a little casual job told them of that still never stop paying me. Told them my son had moved out, guess what they still paid me!

So I rang again. The gentleman said what I had been paid on the 29th May I would have to pay back. Sensible details of where to return, guess what not received them! I challenge chase up, incognito be told my case had been closed in August 2013!

Asked to speak to a supervisor not unavailable. Asked for a team leader to call me who would be able to answer my question. She called. Told me I owed 1590.00 SHE said I was in my rights not to repay it as it was completely the csa fault.

I said I would pay the 252 I received on 29.5 please send bank details so I can repay this. Guess what none sent. So weeks later I have a call asking me how I intend to repay I asked her if she had actually read my case notes before calling. She said she had, obviously not or she would of had the answer already.

Today I receive a letter saying I owe 1890! I now intend to write a letter of complaint to the head of complain’t department Liz Herron. My ex partner does not want the money back, as he knows it has gone on his children!

Two older kids now adults still live with me. One will be long term as he is disabled, so I am unpaid carer for him saying the government thousands not putting him in a care home! daughter only work part time, so not paying anything for living at home.

So there is your answer csa, you are completely incapable of doing your job. Again, I have no intention of paying back what you say I owe. You should of actioned it! I am not paid to keep chasing you to do your job!


  • Bill says:

    You do not owe any arrears to the CSA.
    The CSA is just a conduit.
    If you owe anything it is to the NRP.
    You could simply pay it back to the NRP and he can tell the CSA that all owed is paid and you can finish with them entirely.

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