Why does the CSA believe everything the mother tells them?

August 7, 2012

In March 2011 my ex wife and her partner split up leaving only her income coming in. So she contacted the CSA to tell them that I’d got a brand new job and was earning more money. A pack of lies! Even so, the CSA did a re-assesment of my case and ‘discovered’ arrears dating back to 2008. They told me I was to pay over £2000 despite two points.

1. I’d been to court in 2007 and was ordered to pay arrears that I claimed I never owed. These had been paid off by November 2010.

2. No one ever contacted me between 2008-2011 to inform me of these arrears.

I have been paying regular maintenance every month from 2007 and am now financially in big trouble because of these arrears which the CSA placed an AOE without warning me. Payday loan companies are doing very well out of me and I’m tearing my hair out wondering what to do next. Have applied to the tribunal service and have been waiting 3 months for a hearing date.

Can someone please explain why the CSA acts on upon everything the mother says whether it’s true or not? Help!!!!


  • chall says:


    The CSA can carry out re assessments at a PWC request OR if the decision maker, if certain rules are met, with or without an application OR the result of a periodic case check.

    It maybe that the arrears dating from 2008 where the result of agency delays carrying out a re assessment.

    Re your 2 points;

    1) The court case in 2007, I assume was for a Liability Order, would have dealt with arrears that had accumulated between a certain prior period to the date you were in court and would have no bearing on any arrears occurring after such.

    2) You’ve answered this point in your initial paragraph – In 2011, you assume, your ex contacted the CSA regarding a re assessment. The CSA carried a re assessment and ‘discovered’ arrears back dating to 2008.

    Do you have a partner and any children residing in your household?

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  • Terry norris says:

    Harvey Harvey
    It ain’t rocket science here with these people…it’s far more simple
    The fact is …..they will believe ANYTHING the mother says because it’s her that’s claiming and you they are robbing….why would they believe anything the NRP tells them? It’s not in their interest because it will result in you having to pay less money .

  • Harvey says:

    Chall, thanks for the response.

    From your point 1, How is it possible to have arrears from 2008 when you’ve been paying exactly the amount the CSA have adjudicated? No pay rise, same job, same wages. So what’s changed? When you speak to the CSA the brick wall comes up, ‘This is what you owe, like it or not’.

    Had no idea Dick Turpin created the CSA.

    In reply to your second point, There is no assumption, the CSA (as part of the data protection act) sent me a computer screen print out of the conversation my ex wife had with the CSA rep. I live with my partner and our 3 yr old child yet they tell me to pay more to my ex instead of less.

    Hope it makes sense and I look forward to your thoughts.

    Terry, I hear you my friend. If only we could prove these things?

  • jay. says:

    Csa put us in the same boat, we kept complaining and took it to our mp, who is disgusted at the csa’s lack of response…I suggest you do the same… Take all paperwork with you and might be worth contacting ICE, let csa know in writing that this is what you are doing and will not back down. In our case arrears that they wanted wasn’t even going to the pwc, but to the secretary of state, which would have left our two children at home in poverty!! Makes no sense. Have they calculated your child at home with you?? Because payments should have reduced, not increased.

  • brett says:

    Harvey/Jay. Im another victim of this horrendous organisation and had a similar experience to you both. In May 2008 I received a letter from the CSA saying I owed over £11,000. On contacting them I was told that I had been reassessed in November 2007 and it had been backdated to 2005.
    The case worker said the money was owed to the Secretary of State and asked how much I could pay by credit card over the phone. Not surprisingly I declined, until I sought advice.
    Two weeks after the initial phone call the same case worker in errror, left a message on my phone which was intended for the mother saying that as the debt was so big he was considering sending baliffs to my house and issuing a Liability Order !!!! I have been in the CSA system since it was first set up with two cases and have always paid my monthly maintenance and been fully compliant with everything they have requested. I then get stitched up with a 40% DOE. What a despicable way to treat someone.

    I went to two independent CSA legal advisers and was told the CSA had been given the power to do this. Also saw my MP but that was a waste of time.

    The mother who I had the misfortune of having a brief relationship has never worked and always been a sponger.

    This nightmare hass totally turned my life upside down.

    Roll on to when the child reaches 19.

  • Nikki says:

    I am in the opposite position my ex hasn’t given me a penny since October 2006 (when she was 4) he keeps changing his circumstances by 1 hour a week every 11 weeks knowing full well it takes 12 weeks for them to sort them out he is on flexi time and can do what ever over time he likes so he picks up the hour extra then 11 weeks later drops it and rings the csa they are powerless to stop him and can’t claim while there is a change of circumstances in place. He currently owes me £7800 however they can’t claim it. It makes me sick I do two jobs to support my child and it was a joint decision to have children but he won’t step up to his responsibilities. He was bragging to my brother how he goes on holiday every year and he recently bought a new car but well my opinion now is let him get on with it and if she knocks at his when she’s older he will have to explain himself I have done my best and been a good mum it’s not only the mums that play the system just wanted to put my situation forward.

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