Why does ex feel like he doesn’t have to pay for his kids?

September 11, 2015

I have two children my first who is 3, his dad is on the birth certificate, my youngest his name is NOT on the birth certificate.

I have never once had a single payment I have tried to contact CSA but because he sells drugs , still rents his own home, has a car etc but they tell me ‘there is no proof of his money so we can’t calculate it’ So its okay for him to be renting as home through a estate agents which thinks he is a gardener, yet he can’t pay for his kids???

Wow. How can I oush for this as I feel like he owes me and my children a lot!!


  • Lisa says:

    Since when did he owe.YOU anything he doesn’t owe you a thing! Your ex for a reason and let’s be honest if he is beating the system good luck to him! And if there is no evidence of his earnings they must realise your talking rubbish because they do more checks than credit reference agencies! You know he deals drugs yet you had kids to him! Fab role model, and maybe he would be there for his kids of you didn’t act so greedy

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