Why does CSA presume you are the father if mother refuses DNA test?

July 6, 2016

6 years ago I came out of hospital to find out I had a letter from CSA saying I am the potential farther of a little boy (who at this time was 5 years old I was cross very upset asked myself , how was has it taken 5 years etc! anyway I spoken to the CSA who said if I don’t pay for a DNA test they will presume I am the biological farther! this was very upsetting no one would here my voice I did pay for DNA test and 99% I was told I am the farther and child maintenance was back dated over(£2000) which till last year I paid now I have to pay £180 from attachment of earnings still present.

through facebook I have tracked the little boy mother on facebook and he looks nothing like me ?? also I have a daughter when she was 2 her mother cheated on me and we split up not long after that she met someone else and stopped me seeing my daughter for 9 years but I paid cash through my farther who was allowed to see her till 3 months ago she split up with that bloke and police were involved and out of the blue November I had a call from my dad to say do I want to see my daughter who now is 12 years old

as you can imagine I was scared of meeting so much time has passed by I went to Birmingham where she lives and it was perfect I cried so much cut along story short (and I am happy to discuss with you in more detail)

she has now met a 50 yr old bloke and with in 5 months has got married to him  and has now put a claim in for child maintenance I have been told it will cost for both children £300 I have worked all my life it never been proven my daughter is mine my fault really but because my mum has an illness I kept it at bay I shouldn’t and each day geos on I think she’s not mine and its been biting me for years and its killing me I have looked on CSA website if I have an DNA test I will cost me but explains if the mother of the parent deos not want it or refuses it (make up a story its stress etc) I will still have to pay how can this be please help.


  • Bill says:

    Your informatIon is incorrect.
    If you are found not to be the father you will have to pay nothing.
    If you are the father the DNA test fee will be added to any arrears.
    If the mother .refuses the test the case will be closed.

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