Why do the CSA need to know every little detail?

August 19, 2015

Its been 5 weeks since i left my old company and went Self Employed. i got some great advice off the site, on the best way to let the CSA know that i had now left my job (copied everyone in inc MP and sent Email, not by phone) well today i have received my first letter from them, asking various questions on my current situation, i was wondering what your thoughts are to the sort of reply i should send back, They have written to say they have confirmation that i left my company on the 21/07/2015 and want to know

1 since this date what have i been doing to support myself financially

2 when did i register as self employed

3 what is my self employed profession

4 when do i expect to start earning an income

5 How much do i project to earn

Question 1 has annoyed me because as far as i am concerned its non of there business, I have planned to go Self Employed for a while now so have saved up a bit of money to keep me going while its quiet ( money that they have already had there 15 percent out of) so was gonna tell them to mind there own business but wasn’t sure if that would just put me in the firing line.

2 and 3 i have no issue providing dates and my profession etc

4 and 5 well how long is a piece of string ? if the phone rings 5 times a day i will make a lot , if it rings 1 time a week not a lot, i genuinely have no idea how much i will make at this point , so how can i tell them if i do not know myself.

Any advice with this would be much appreciated as i really don’t want to get shafted by these people, I am more than willing to pay 15 percent of what i earn to them, just not the made up arrears i am expecting anytime now.


  • Sam says:

    Hi poppy Wilson
    Thank you for the advice I was thinking the same . I was gonna put 15 percent away ready for the end of the tax year to make up any shortfull.
    @ Sarah Louise white where does it say I am trying to not pay for my child? My question was how to deal with the CSA with me going self employed, not how to get out of paying . Due to the fact I have had massive problems with the CSA over the years hitting me with non existent arrears (600 pounds in a month one time with no warning leaving me unable to pay the rent ). I also have my son staying with me that I also have to think about . As for being a non existent father , you can thank the mother for that , I have seen my daughter 3 times in 7 years because of her nasty Ness .but has regardless had her child maintenence every month . You sound to me like one of those bitter and twisted women who are only interested in getting there hand out each month , mabey you should put your brain in gear and find out the facts before you start slating people on here. When my business takes off the CSA will get there 15 percent. Well done on making yourself sound like a complete moron ?

  • Gonk says:

    Poppy Wilson
    Well said.
    @ Sarah Louise white… Why don’t you fuck off you moron. You don’t have a clue about why dads rant on here. Get it through your thick skull dumb ass……MOST dads are NOT against providing for their kids. It’s the amount these assholes milk us for and people like YOU who think that you are the be all and end all after a relationship breaks down, no life for the nrp after the ex.
    I’m forced to hand over to another dumb ass bitch like you £300 a month to her and her partner, both work full time. I’m expected to accept her word that my money is being spent on my daughter….bollocks it is. MY daughter couldn’t even reply to my text last week because she had no fucking credit on her phone.
    Wipe that shit out of your eyes and wake up to the reason this site exist
    Stupid bitch

  • Gonk says:

    And another thing Sarah Louise white
    Your words ” a few pennies” lofl…..few pennies, my own case for example, you think £300 a month, a few pennies?? You make my blood boil. 300 fucking quid just handed to my ex and her partner with out me being able to have a say. 300 quid that I could be spending on my daughter the way I see fit and NOT her mother. Because I’m forced to hand it over to her mother, it means I cannot enjoy regular visits with my daughter because I don’t have the money. You don’t consider that or see it an issue do you, because you are a ignorant so and so.
    And consider this. I pay at present nearly 4 grand a yr and have done since 2010.
    Now, assuming she stays in education? I will be paying that mother of hers until my daughters 20. I will have handed that woman 40 grand plus. What makes me want to spit teeth is the fact that not one single penny of that money will my daughter have benefited from. Even if the bitch had put half that money away, my daughter will have had something to show for it, for her 1st car perhaps, driving lessons, some deposit towards her 1st home. No…nothing will she have from all that money, because her mother will have pissed it away. Grrrrrrrrrr
    You only see one side Sarah Louise white, very blinkered, very stupid.

  • jo says:

    @ Sarah Louise white…..i think you need to re-read the post again, the op has no objection in paying for his offspring! Don’t make assumptions! If he wants to go self employed that’s his business, hope he makes a good go of it. I’m talking as a PwC with two children who has no help from their dad and I’m managing just fine.

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