Why do the CSA handle their own appeals?

October 11, 2010

I’m 45 and have worked and paid my tax since leaving school. I have two wonderful sons who until now I had a solid relationship but that is all to change as the CSA have increased my payments by 61%..Yes, 61%. I now have to sell my car. The car I use to see my kids and the car I travel to work in. I risk losing my job as I wont have enough money to pay for loans. My relationship with my new partner is now at risk as the CSA want her earnings. But it’s all in the interests of the children, as they will benefit wont they?

This all happened as I had the decency to warn the boys mother that my job was at risk. She asked for advice from the CSA and they decided “re-assessment” was the answer. Get as much as you can now before he loses his job. Well the chances of me losing my job have increased now as I can’t pay my bills and they’ll certainly get more now..For a month or two then sod all apart from the lump of dole money. Of course, the children will benefit from this..wont they?

They hadn’t re-assessed for 8 years and apparently that’s my fault. Of course my pay has gone up by 61% in the last 8 years..Of course not!

Well done the CSA and the bullying system they employ. Appeal? Yes i could but who do I appeal to? Oh yes another arm of the CSA. I wonder what they will do, probably up the payments to teach me to be a good boy and not argue with them.

What about the new system. If I was on that it would go up by 8%!! So I’m also discriminated by them. Discriminated as the boys mother can arrange to go under the new system, but I can’t..Fairness? From the CSA? No, never.

I have read the diabloical experiences of the many people on here and feel like them, lost, abandoned and powerless to have any control over my financial matters.

So CSA, when you have forced me from my job, home and relationship. When the country I have paid my dues to for all my working life, are paying for me and my chidren. Who will be better off? As after all, it is in the interests of the children, isn’t it?


  • Dawn Mcfeeley says:

    Speak 2 ur MP. Are u & ur ex on speaking terms – if u are mayb she will c that it's better2 have a small amount 4 the foreseeable future than a large amount 4 no time at all. The new system is better & far easier for parents 2 calculate

  • Sandra Pogue says:

    New or Old system they both abuse the children, just tell the csa to go F**** themselves like i do ! If enough men grew a pair and took this attitude then the csa would fold !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Garry Roe says:

    The CSA told me they're just following guidelines laid down by parliament so my next complaint was to the DWP ( department for work and pension ) who sent my complaint to the CSA ! ! ! .. I then wrote to the I.C.E. who did the same as what the D.W.P. did ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  • Lee Hughes says:

    I had to appeal 3 decisions, the first one meant I was contacted by the Appeals section directly. first one amended, then pulled down my second appeal and overturned the 3rd on a point of law. All this was done the same day. The lady I was dealing with even dealt with one appeal assuming I would appeal it and so made a decision on the basis that I would!!! I must say the most professional and efficient bit of the CSA, mind you, the CSA have probably ****** you up before you get there! One has to wonder why it has to get there to them in the first place!!!My own personal opinion, she even encouraged me to file for mal administration stating that things won't change unless everyone brings it to their attention how bad things are!!!

  • Richard Murray says:

    my experience tells me DWP, I.C.E, MP'S ,CSA, all S**T in same pot sorry pal but untill we all stick together and rally parliment in numbers basically were F****D.

  • Lee Hughes says:

    That is very true, it's bad that you have to get to appeal before things get resolved, it cost me my job by that time! I won't co-operate and so my ex finally needs to understand this! Oh well, we do need to stick together and keep fighting.

  • Lee Hughes says:

    He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.

  • graham mason says:

    I agree -the very ‘independent’ csa eh!! I have paid for my daughter (and taxes etc..) since her mum left me when she was 2 months old – (no abuse etc.. she simply did not love me!!! conveniently). However she is now 17 and been at college for a year however she has not gone back to college this time (we know through her facebook) so I stopped payments only for csa to ring me up and bang on about child benefits – but how do i fight the fact that her mum will simply have filled in the form conviently – surely i have a right to know the system is being checked out fairly and not simply relying on the mothers word (who has after alllivedon benefits all her life). I know i sound bitter and i accept i should pay for her but what about my rights for my family now – and why do i have to pay the to the mother because she simply says so.

  • John says:

    The CSA handle their own appeals, in order to use ‘planted’ solicitors and ‘made up’ assessments in an a ‘scam’ to have you believe that what they are saying is correct. It is in fact lie after lie………they then stitch the nrp up, with a load of debt!…..the ICE are in on it………….the Politicians are in on it………the Ombudsmans office are in on it!

    At ANY time in the future, Governments, Politicians, Local councillors and other public services may ask for YOUR help. Tell them to get lost and the reason why? Because they are treating ordinary, decent people like ‘scum’ and criminalising them!

    If ALL their victims did this, their misdemanours will come back to haunt them!

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