Why do I have to pay the CSA when I already provide for my son?

June 25, 2013

Hi I’ve split with my partner about 8 weeks ago I pay for my son clothiers after school club and I share him by a court order because she tried to stop me from seeing him.

The CSa are on my back and I paid for most things he never go with out I’ve kept the family home she now live in a 3 bed flat I don’t see y I have to pay CSa when I already pay

can you help please


  • Dave says:

    In the eyes of the CSA, buying clothes for your son and paying for his after school club is not construed as child maintenance. Unless you can afford this, then please stop and go by the calculations the CSA give you…pay no more! By all means buy things for your son when you’re with him and if you can, make sure you keep these at your place. You MUST NOT give mum ANY CASH for child maintenance…it must be by BANK TRANSFER and correctly referenced.

  • Fred says:

    Standing order payments only as direct debit to her account is not classes as a payment

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