Why do I have to pay my ex when she is better off than me?

June 3, 2014

Why should I have to pay money to my ex when I have my son staying over night for 15 nights per month.

She earns double what I earn and also receives child support.

It has to work both ways to be fair.


  • Spicer Dicer says:

    If your child is staying with you 50 % of the time the payments should balance out to zero. Open a case with CSA yourself.
    Your big challenge will be if the PWC (your ex) tells the CSA a different number of days that your child stays with you, they will accept her word without any requirement of proof.

  • Bill says:

    15 times 12= 180 nights.
    180 subtracted from 365 = 185 nights.
    Therefore the main carer is considered to be the person who has 185 overnight stays.
    Child maintenance options will advise whether this is considered 50% on the new system.
    Unfortunately on both the old CSA systems the person who has care for 180 nights will be considered liable for child maintenance although it can be reduced up to 3/7 in consideration of shared care.
    Come to a private agreement and avoid the CSA at all costs.

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