Why do I have arrears if I over paid?

February 24, 2015

Hi – when my wife and I split in 1999 I paid her £40 per week – this I kept on doing right up until 2010 when my daughter reached 16 and started work.

I initially paid with cash & got my ex to sign a receipt book then later with cheques ( thinking I would have a record ). I NEVER missed a payment even during periods where I was unable to work or was unemployed.

When I was no longer responsible for payments I thought that was the last I would ever have contact with the csa , However IN 2013 i recieved a letter from them saying I owe £1034 in arrears – this is despite me paying £40 per week for years when I was assessed at £13 – If I didnt pay the ex then I didnt see the kids.

I sent them my receipt books & my cheque book stubs – I was told that the cash payments could not be deducted from the amount because I was assessed at nil for that period & should not have paid anything ! – they have now lost my books & stubs I sent in.

Unfortunately three years ago I had financial problems and entered a IVA and my bank account was closed & so have no access to my accounts during the child maintenence period so can not prove my payments were sent.

So I actually overpaid my csa payments yet are being chased for arrears – I’ve recently spoken to the csa but have just been talked down to by rude arrogant people who have told me to pay or be taken to court – any ideas?