Why do fathers who pay the CSA get penalised the most?

October 21, 2011

Please advise me further as your web site seems to be exactly what I was looking and hoping for…

I’m a 28 year old male and I have a beautiful daughter that is aged 12. I have been paying child support for approximately 11 years. Unfortunately as everyone seems to be aware the Child Support Agency seems completely incapable of there duties on many fronts.

I particularly get frustrated that those like myself who are willing to pay there way can often be penalised more than those that just cant be bothered.

Anyway back in late 2004 I contacted the CSA to inform them of a change in my financial circumstances (pay increase)at the time I was told that due to a massive back log in cases which were mainly new cases, I would have to wait, so I did but for months on end I did not hear back from them. I

In 2005 I did the same thing, again no change in there position I simply had to wait. I never seemed to be getting anywhere with the CSA so in 2006 I set up a standing order from my account to my daughters mothers account on the thought that payments would always leave a trail and those that paid in cash were potentially leaving themselves open to a backlash.

Fast forward to late summer of 2011: The CSA contact me telling me that they wish to review my case. So I completed the necessary documents (pay slips and my trusty standing order details) so that they could see I was still contributing off my own back due to there incompetency.

Last week I then received a letter from them (the sort of letter where you think, I don’t really want to open this)to find that as I expected my child support would go up but also an arrears of £6000. So after a few phone calls where I managed to keep my composure I was then informed that although I made separate regular payments to my daughters mother she has informed the CSA that this was not maintenance but “pocket money” According to the CSA agency, the law favours my daughters mother and therefore I have to pay up as its her word against mine.

I argued that surely I should be the one to inform them of what MY PAYMENTS were towards.

I now feel completely dejected that the Child Support Agency are more than useless but that my daughters mother, in my opinion had stolen from me. I cannot afford to singly pay my mortgage and pay the sum of £82.00 per week (CSA) on my take home of £1200 per month.

Please advise me on what I can do next:

Kind regards,


  • John says:

    The usual:- Go to your M.P. Make a complaint to the independent case examiner(ICE). Ask for a full breakdown of your account from the CSA.

    These idiots are using the ‘arrears’ scam to get more money from you, that is why you should have your case re-assessed by the ICE. Ask for a tribunal hearing as you believe that the CSA ‘s decision is wrong. The mother would have to appear at the tribunal to provide proof of her claim.

    Get everything in writing as evidence. Stop dealing with them by phone!

  • Bob says:

    As you have proof of these payments and if the CSA continue to take money from you under imaginary arrears, simply raise a small claim against the CSA for the additional amount they are taking.

    The CSA can be sued and incredibly have CCJ’s against them ranging from hundreds to thousands of pounds! They still haven’t paid them mind lol… get a DoE (AoE) on them without telling them and then threaten them saying if they do not apply it you will get a £1,000 a month fine until they do rofl… the fuckers.

  • KMcQ80 says:

    The CSA need to create fictitious arrears to pay compensation to those PWCs who they have failed.
    It’s called robbing Peter to pay Paul.
    Make sure you don’t become a Peter!

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