Why do CSA demand more money when my pay increases?

September 27, 2009

The whole world has gone absolutely mad!!!!

I split with my ex 7 years ago, i signed a home over to her with £40k of collatoral in it so that she could stay in a nice house, 6 months later she sold the house and pocketed the money, i pay 25% of my net income every month, i have seen my children 4 times this year, i phone and text every week tryin to see them, but always get ”they are at a party” or” we are away this weekend”. the whole system is completly wrong.

Dont get me wrong i totally agree that a man has a ‘financial responsibility’ to assist the mother in providing for the children, but the way it is worked out is completely wrong. It should be a fixed amount every month, the same for me as it is for any other man, why should it be based on earnings? she chose not to stay with me why should she benefit from any salary increases i get? It was too comfortable for my ex to decide not to work on our relationship, she knew she would be financially secure either way, how can she decide my financial future?

It is also concerning that the money i provide is not being used on my children. there must be somekind of scheme out there where a happy medium can be achieved.

I appreciate that not all women are the same and i apologise to those who give the father of their child access to see them.

Alot of people say ‘ well you got the women pregnant, now pay your way?. I am sure if i had known that my missus would divorce me i would not have had sex and subsequently had 2 children. It works both ways 2 people have sex, 2 people, woman and man. What happens if when a man finds out that his one night stand is pregnant, and he decides that he really does not want the child, he would like her to have a termination, but the woman wants the baby? i assume that the poor guy will have to pay CSA for a child that he really does not want. Yes, perhaps he should have thought about that before he got it out his pocket and put it in her purse, but then perhaps she should also of thought perhaps i wont let him put it in my purse. I know a couple of guys who refuse to work because they owe money for a child they did’nt even know they had til 5 years old, yet the CSA are back charging them. How on earth are men supposed to pay if they dont know they are a dad, these subsequent men have since quit working so they dont have to pay the £1000’s they owe. If the woman has managed this long why should they have to pay back charges? have they funded the child with a loan????? If there was a system in place where they had to pay more sensible amount of money then they have both admitted they would not have given up work.

I also know a girl who has deliberatly got herself pregnant with 2 different men to ensure that she could have 2 children and ensure that they was paid for!!!

Ovaries Trump Testicles everytime.

The system will only ever benefit women, it shoud not be there to benefit women, it should be there to ensure financial assistance to the mother of the children.

Unfortunatley a majority of women use the system as a gravy train and this will only ever change when the current system is abolished and a sensible system put into place.


  • desperatley seeking solution says:

    It is a good point you make!!!

    If the CSA were not involved a lot of women (or PWC) would think twice about having children. It would not be a simple case of ringing csa but of making arrangements for contact and involvement. Now the csa is taking over everything,, pwc think they can shell out as many kids as they want, and as long as they don’t earn over a certain amount can claim claim claim!!

    So wrong and injust!!!

  • Simon says:

    Most systems are open to abuse and this one does give immoral mothers an opportunity to set themselves up as “career PWCs”.

    Even contraception is not 100% guaranteed protection for men as frustratingly I had sex on just one occasion with one particular female where I specifically took the precaution of using a condom. I now have a child out there even though I didn’t want to or agree to it and also must legally contribute a percentage of my salary.

  • Junior says:

    I have three lovely boys. I used to live in a house with my ex and the kids. I worked for years while my ex didn’t. She got her FIRST job just a year ago. When we initially split I paid her money for my children (even before I was kicked out of my own house I gave her money). I continued to contribute to my children depsite all that had happened. My ex sided with the CSA and insisted I am ‘processed’ so that she could get more money that I could provide! My house was sold and she received nearly 3 times what I did, despite the fact that I had worked and paid for everything for years. She now has a full time job and receives a full time wage…just like me. She has a house. She has just bought a brand new golf. I don’t. I rent because I can’t afford to buy. The CSA didn’t want to listen to me. So…they didn’t. I agree with the gentleman…why should payments rise? I agree it should be a fixed amount every month. I have no problem providing for my children. I always have and always will. I love my children. Get rid of the CSA.

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