Why didn’t the CSA tell us they were increasing our payments?

May 15, 2010

Hi i really need some advice….. back in 2001 my husband split with his ex they have one child together he was paying csa every week and seeing his child for 3 nights a week…. in 2003 we met and she started playing games refusing access and such but my husband still made sure he paid.

All of a sudden she met someone new let the child call him ‘daddy’ and told my husband she wanted nothing more to do with him, she had closed the csa case as she didnt want him contributing towards the up keep of her child, my husband was ‘paye’ the payments stopped coming out of his wages everyweek. We still saw his child on and off and gave his ex money when she asked which was not often.

Then last october we had a phone call from the csa stating that my husband owes arrears from 2003 that amounted to £19,000!!!! They app got this figure by going to his employer in 03 and doing an assessment based on that… we had no idea!!!

Since 03 we have had 3 children ourselves plus i have a child from a previous… the csa are refusing to recalculate the amount.. and are denying the case was ever closed!!!

Everythime my husband has spoke to them on the phone he has said he is desputing the amount and everytime the reply is the same ‘you cannot despute the amount” ‘it is what it is’.

We have questioned why they didnt write to us letting us know!!!

And told them we have children.. it falls on deaf ears… the worst thing is they want this repaid within 2 years thats half our annual salary!!!

Can they do this??? Where do we go from here???

I would never see his child go without….. but feel like saying ‘sod it sign on’