Why did the CSA ignore regulations?

March 10, 2014

After separating from my wife in Sept 2012 I agreed to give her £50 a week and take the children 2-3 time a week.

After 6 Months I decided that I need to get my social life back on track so I informed my wife that I would take the children every second weekend and every Thursday (overnight)

For some reason my wife called the CSA and told them that I have never given her money and that I take the children every second weekend only, as I have paid the £50 every week through a bank transfer I was able to prove my wife had lied so my weekly payments fell from £134 to £92 (and just because I could proof my wife lied)

The next hurdle was to prove that I took the children when I did, all the lawyers letters were ignored as my wife said no to everything I submitted in a legal deceleration.

After a year of correspondence the last step was an independent tribunal, which I had no faith in as every truth I had told was rejected my the CSA.

When the day came around for the tribunal I was 50/50 on whether to attend due to the many knocks I have taken over the year but I thought I have came this far so what do I have to lose.

After only 20 minutes in the tribunal it became clear to me that the CSA had failed to follow the regulations in that  if the children stay overnight then that does count as an overnight stay, this is because the overnight stays count whether they are agreed or not.

As my complaint was that the children were staying over more than agreed they should be taken into account, to my complete surprise the tribunal agreed with me that the children do stay more than I was being given by the CSA as all overnight stays count “whether they are agreed or not” as my wife thought that overnight’s had to be agreed she had already said that the children stay more than agreed time, this meant that she could not change her story and the tribunal agreed with me.

Why the CSA ignored this regulation I have no idea, so all I can say is to any parent is to follow this through, especially if they think that agreed stays count only, as I said one year of hell was cleared up in 20 minutes.

Should this fail then go to social services who can call both parties in and help decide what is happening and draw up a document that can be sent to the CSA and used as proof.

Hopefully there might be information in this correspondence that may help some people who are being basically screwed by the CSA, don’t give up the fight for honesty, it will be hard but for me it was worth the year of knock backs to finally get justice.