Why can’t they just call his previous employer?

September 11, 2013

My ex-husband has always tried to avoid or delay paying the maintenance payments. Last September, he started a new job and it took the CSA 4 months to get his new income details. Eventually, they had to go direct to his employer, and as soon as they had made a calculation of what he should be paying, he cancelled his direct debits.

The CSA then set up a Deduction of Earnings Order in February this year, and the first payment was received in May. In June, we were told that my ex had now left that job, and was not working. In fact, I called his employer and he was still there. I informed the CSA, and they said they would investigate. In the meantime, my ex set up a fictitious company and told the CSA he was now being employed by someone else but he did not send wage slips in. At the end of August, he sent a wage slip showing he was now earning half of his previous wage from this new employer, which the CSA told me were linked to his previous employer.

Three months after my intial call to tell them that he was giving them false information, having had my case transferred from Criminal Compliance to Legal Dept, to Collections Dept, and finally Case Progression and the CSA have now made a reassessment based on the fictitious wage slip showing half the salary that my ex was on at the start of the year. As he is still going into the same job, and sitting at the same desk, I challenged this assessment and I was told the CSA do not have the resources to investigate, so it is up to me to provide his bank statements and further evidence.

Why can’t they make one phone call to his “previous” employer? That would tell them everything they need to know.


  • Gonk says:

    The CSA don’t or can’t be bothered to phone or investigate mothers that commit fraud either and why ? ….because if they did and prove fraud is taking place ? Then they can’t rob the Nrp anymore and that’s no good for business, the share holders and the bonuses and the interest earned on cash in their bank account.

  • Bella says:

    Maybe he knows that if he provides the correct information they won;t leave him enough money to live on?

    I worked out that if I had to pay CSA at the same rate as my partner does to his ex I’d have to hand over £613 a month! I have a decent job because I work very hard but I NEVER have £613 left after paying my bills and petrol, never mind food. Ludicrous!

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