Why can’t the CSA work faster?

July 13, 2011

My sons father was on benefits till the end of March 2011 when he started to finally work. I contacted the CSA to update them of these details as he was paying £5 per week out of his benefits. I told the CSA exactly where he worked, all the information to hopefully speed things up. My ex was unwilling to give his wage slips to the CSA so the CSA ended up contacting his employer who presented the CSA with his wageslips and they finally worked out what he should be paying me. I received a letter the end of June 2011 saying he should be paying me £40 per week.

I today contacted the CSA to see when I will start receiving the payments and the ex has now turned around and said he has had a change in circumstances so now they are waiting on more wage slips to re-calculate what I should be getting.

What a joke the CSA are!! Why dont they pull there finger out and do what they are paid to do instead of fobbing me off everytime I ring them. Its about time they made fathers pay for their children and if not they go to prison!!


  • Vic says:

    People who can’t afford to feed, clothe and house their own children WITHOUT state aid should not have them in the first place. I am fed up with the lot of you, are you in receipt of housing benefits, income support, child allowance, tax credits and the cream on the pie your soon to be CSA payments. A gravy train for skanks who should be in prison so the children can be adopted out to better parents who take personal responsibility a little more seriously.

  • tom says:

    Vic……..you are completely right, these people seem to think everyone else owe’s them a good living standard.
    I notice from the above post the writer says ‘re-calculate what I SHOULD BE GETTING’ this kind of says it all doesn’t it!!!!!!

  • Terry norris says:

    And very true…it’s about time I SAY to the lady above…that some of these skank trailer trash mothers are scrutinised properly before receiving even more benefits called csa payments that they don’t deserve…yes don’t deserve,they exploit a shit system that works in their favour.I’m not talking about the honest hard working single mothers here,I’m talking about the lazy ska ks that won’t work and claim every benefit under the sun and just see the csa as another source of free money.my skank ex gets £320 a month me for one child that I never see,she don’t work,and has a working partner keeping her as well,oh and they just moved into a private rent 3 bed house,probably subsidised by the tax payer as well.She uses my daughter as a means of getting even more benefits.No way is the £320 the bastards at the csa take from me does my daughter get,it subsidises her and her partners lifestyle.
    It’s rich isn’t it that they means test the PWC to determine how much they get after they have lied through their back teeth.But they don’t means test the poor victim they taking the money from and their ability to pay.

  • Terry norris says:

    A lot of women today have kids for one reason…….to get a free roof over their heads
    And screw the tax payer for as much as they can get……the kids are used as cash machines along with the fathers.

  • matt wrightson says:

    i completely agree, people bumming of the state should not keep expecting hand outs, and milking the system, i have 3 children, 2 live with my ex and the eldest lives with me, i have to pay her to sit on her lazy arse £200 a month, i leave myself short of cash, i work full time so the CSA see workers as easy targets. ex wife bums of the state so she actual pay £0 for the daughter that lives with me, i have seen all of my ex wife benefits statements and she clears in benefits £21000 per annum i earn £15500.. and go with out so that my daughter who lives with me gets feed and clothed while the ex goes out chaving it up and abusing my girls but no government department whats to listern or know, i think people living on state handouts should do community service to earn there money.

  • Jen123 says:

    To all who have responded to this post….
    It does NOT say this lady is on benefits. Why are you attacking, indirectly or directly, her on benefits. I agree there are ‘some’ women out there who have no morals and bleed the system…..HOWEVER your comments are utterly uncalled for here.
    I am a single mother. I was married to their father, we lived a normal, hard working lifestyle and provided everything we could for them. But ufortunately he went on to secretly abuse one while I was working night shifts. Once this was discovered, I was left in the position where I had no choice but to claim benefits for a while until my circumstances changed. This man has never paid a penny of child support. I financially fully support my children alone. BUT if the CSA were to write to me to tell me they had caught up with him, then YES I would accept the money. Every penny would go into a savings account for the children’s future.

    Wether or not a non resident parent has access or not – they made the choice to bring a life into the world – THEY SHOULD PAY towards the upbringing of them.

    Going on from this…..the non-resident parents on here moaning that they HAVE to pay but is not allowed access……..GO TO COURT TO GET ACCESS! If someone tried to stop me seeing my children I would fight with everything I’ve got until I got to see them. “I havent got the money to go to court”…..GET THE MONEY! Work more hours, get a second job, Clean cars, clean toilets, do whatever it takes. If your children really mattered – you would do whatever it took. And for those that carry on moaning but do nothing……shut up, its boring.

    To the woman who started the post……expect to wait even longer. By telling the CSA there is a change in circumstances, he is probably trying to buy time, and make out he is earning less so that they re-calculate it at a lower amount. Also don’t be surprised if the CSA to contact you saying he is no longer with the employer, another way to get out of paying and hiding for a little longer. Anyone who is adament they are not going to pay – they can play the CSA to their advantage. Best of luck with it all x

  • Vicki Ann says:

    Just a thing for those who slated my post. I DO work and provide for my children so does my husband and that is how we pay for our children and their upkeep and I would NOT have it any other way. I have never been on benefits and never will be!!! My ex was on benefits not me so get your facts right before assuming I am the same. Thank you.

  • Vicki Ann says:

    Jen – Thank you.

    Vic – What gives you the right, id die for my children they are my life hence the reason I am a hard working mother with a job who provides for her 2 children so they do not go without. I do not get any benefits or state handouts and never have done!!.

    As for those who dont have their child/children living with them YES you should still provide for your child, if you aint willing to do that then keep it in your pants!!

  • karen bedford says:

    Please join the facebook groups child support agencies failings and others for support and advice as this is unfortunately common

  • david says:

    i am a single dad to a 7 yr old my ex does not pay me a penny at time does not turn up for contact .but what gets me when me and my ex spilt up the csa was on my back within 3 days .i am still waiting for payment after 2 yrs sorry but it boils my piss when women can get away with it

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