Why can’t the CSA use private investigators?

November 8, 2014

I am writing because I’m a single mum of 16 years my son was born in October 1998 and my boyfriend disappeared when I was 7 months pregnant with his child ,he decided to leave Grimsby and live with his parents in Peterborough.

He never contacted me ,I found out he was working and I told csa this so that they could track him down ,it’s been 16 years and still nothing.

How fair is it that men can run away from their responsibility a but the woman has to struggle and go through hardship to bring my child up while he is probably all settled down living a good life maybe with a wife and children ,something has to be done about this it’s disgusting that the csa cannot put private investigators out there to find these fathers that shed their responsibilities and get away with it.

There has to be someone that can help me ,I worry for my son as I have a incurable disease in my body ,and all he has is me ,what if anything was to happen to me ,I’m so desperate for help I wish someone would just please take notice ,as I’m so tired from it all now .please help if you can.