Why can’t the CSA see what’s obvious?

September 28, 2014

WHY?????Cant my daughters “father” pay a penny for her????

WHEN iv told CSA he works fulltime+claiming incapacity benefit..his wife works fulltime+claims benefits..my child was receving £5a month csa+it has recently STOPPED!!

CSA told me he makes LESS than £5A WEEK!!!!!BLOODY JOKE!!!!WHEN my child+anyone in the world can see ALL OVER THE INTERNET that this “MAN”working..driving fancy cars..living in a fancy home..spending a fortune on the wifes KIDS..lavish holidays 5-6 times a year ect ect ect!!

If we can see all this* my god*WHY CANT CSA?????


  • marie says:

    because the c.s.a don’t care about anythink or anyone they just want to take . I hope you get it in the end x

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