Why can’t the CSA investigate this fraud?

January 17, 2015

My partner has paid for his daughter through this agency for 10 years she is now 13 and comes to stay at the weekends.

He informed the csa of this and his x wife is denying this as this would bring his payments down ( she has been married and divorced twice in this ten years and now with another working partner live in and claiming benefits!!).

The csa has informed him that all he can do is keep a diary of the days he has his daughter, surely sa she is 13 they have a children’s advocate that could investigate this FRAUD?!!!


  • CSA Warrior says:

    unfortunately the CSA are not an investigative body and are not under a legal duty to investigate. Amazing but true. see Rowley v Secretary of state 1997.

    but interstingly chris jones is correct there does seem to be a bias in favour of the claimant and like any debt collector the staff do get a bonus for what is collected.

    you can put in a complaint and have the complaint heards by an ouside agency ie the parliamentary ombudsman

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